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Symantec Launches Symantec Security Awareness Center Online Training Portal

Symantec Training Helps Organizations Educate Employees on Security, Meet Compliance Standards, and Improve IT Risk Management

Cupertino, Calif. – Nov 28, 2006 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Symantec Security Awareness Center, a subscription-based online training program designed to help companies meet the regulatory requirements specific to employee security awareness training and improve their overall IT risk posture. The flexible training option can be accessed anytime via the web and is designed to help companies create a more security-conscious workforce through educating and training employees on potential information security risks related to their behaviors. With this offering, small to mid-size businesses can leverage Symantec Security Awareness Center online at a cost-effective price.

“With a full understanding of policies and procedures and their importance, employees can actually strengthen an organization’s security posture,” said Greg Hughes, executive vice president, Symantec Global Services. “Employees who are educated on security awareness can be a strong line of defense against security incidents that could disrupt business, threaten compliance, or jeopardize brand reputation.”

To successfully protect information, employees at every level need a basic understanding of policies as well as their respective responsibilities in protecting a company’s assets. Through the online center, users will have unlimited access to a comprehensive set of training modules designed to specifically raise their awareness of security and influence appropriate employee behavior. The online training center will be updated monthly with new security awareness training material relevant to the evolving information security threat landscape.

Symantec Security Awareness Center offers curriculum including narrative demonstrations, interactive games, and tests users on a number of different security topics including the following:

  • Information Protection: Introduces organizations' information security concerns and the measures that employees should take to mitigate and reduce risks and protect vital information.
  • Password Security: Explains and demonstrates to employees why passwords are important, how to create strong passwords and best practices for password use.
  • Virus Protection: Educates employees on computer viruses, Trojan horses, and worms and the recommended best practices to reduce the risk and mitigate the affects of an infection.
  • Email Security: Informs employees of proper email etiquette and reminds them of the risks of virus infection from downloading email attachments.

Symantec Security Awareness Center is ideal for enterprises and small to mid-size businesses in a variety of industries that are concerned with offering employees the knowledge to better protect the organization’s information. Symantec Security Awareness Center is offered at $49 per year, per user. Symantec offers an awareness training curriculum that is suited for all levels of the workforce, including technical and non-technical staff as well as management.


Symantec Security Awareness Center is currently offered in English and additional information can be found at

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