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Independent Research Report Finds the VeriSign Network-Based Caller ID Name Delivery Service More Accurate Than Alternative National Solution

OLYMPIA, WA (Marketwire) - VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN) Communications Services today announced the release of the results of an independent study evaluating the accuracy and performance of its network-based Caller ID with Name Delivery service, CNAM (Calling NAMe) Delivery, in comparison to an alternative CNAM provider. Network-based CNAM solutions such as VeriSign's only receive data directly from carriers while alternative CNAM providers accumulate data from a variety of sources, including third parties, which can often be inaccurate or outdated.

The study showed that the quality and freshness of the CNAM data queried has a direct result on the accuracy and meaningfulness of data presented to subscribers and resulting customer satisfaction.

"For service providers, caller name inaccuracy is a significant source of customer complaints and drives calls to the customer care organization," said Paul Florack, vice president for VeriSign Communications Services. "The total cost of ownership of the CNAM solution increases when there is a high rate of inaccurate caller names. To ensure we consistently maintain a quality service, we populate our databases with only carrier data."

The study found the VeriSign network-based CNAM solution delivered 0.4 inaccurate names for every 100 calls, whereas the alternative CNAM provider delivered 1.54 inaccurate names for every 100 calls. A one percent rate of inaccuracy applied to a base of one million subscribers using an industry average rate of 5 inbound calls per day can generate the delivery of 1.5 million inaccurate names per month.

The study was performed and results tabulated by inCode Telecom, a leading global wireless business and technology consulting firm. The research measured how accurately voice line carriers present caller names. Tested carriers were evenly divided between VeriSign customers of its network-based CNAM delivery service and the alternative CNAM provider, using data compiled from third party sources. To ensure a statistically valid sample, the study spanned several weeks and thousands of calls.

Of the study group, those carriers who queried the VeriSign CNAM solution located more callers and delivered fewer incorrect names. Over the study period, the VeriSign CNAM outperformed the competing alternative solution by 13 percent and delivered 74 percent fewer incorrect names, making it nearly four times more accurate.

"The results are clear and compelling," said Todd Crick, chief executive officer of inCode Telecom. "The VeriSign solution provides better caller name accuracy than the competing alternative CNAM solution by a substantial margin. VeriSign consistently outperformed its competitor in all key metrics."

Florack also noted that the increasing trend to wireless-only households will continue to erode the value of alternative calling name display solutions since most wireless operators provide data feeds only to network-based solutions like the VeriSign CNAM.

The complete report including guidelines for evaluating potential service providers is publicly available at

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