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Clearwell E-Discovery Platform Now Available Through EMC Select

Enables EMC Customers To Accelerate Early Case Assessments and Lower the Cost and Risk of E-Discovery

NEW YORK from LegalTech NY 2009—February 2, 2009—Clearwell Systems, Inc., a leader in Intelligent E-Discovery, today announced the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform® is now available through EMC® Select. EMC Select enables customers to purchase Clearwell’s market-leading processing, analysis and review capabilities directly from EMC. The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform will be offered as part of a complete end-to-end e-discovery solution from EMC, which also includes EMC Documentum® for records management and retention and EMC Celerra® unified storage systems.
With the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, EMC’s customers will be able to:

  1. Perform insightful case assessments much earlier in the e-discovery process, driving better case strategy
  2. Test, sample and iteratively refine keyword searches, ensuring defensibility
  3. Quickly cull-down datasets to the relevant 10-20 percent, significantly reducing processing and review costs
  4. Rapidly perform first-pass review in context, increasing review throughput

According to Gartner, “Electronic discovery will be close to the top of many organizations’ IT project agendas in 2009, and will remain important for years to come, regardless of the state of the economy.” (1)

Gartner, Inc.’s 2008 MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors stated, “Enterprises purchasing e-discovery software can reduce the costs of litigation by improving their control over unstructured content, and semi-structured content, most notably e-mail. Also, they can cut costs and risks by taking control of litigation hold, litigation-hold tracking, file collection, file processing and legal review instead of outsourcing these functions.” (2)

“As part of corporate strategies to reduce costs in the current economic downturn, more and more enterprises are bringing elements of the e-discovery process in-house," said Andrew Cohen, assistant general counsel and vice president of EMC’s Global Compliance Practice. “With the addition of Clearwell to EMC Select, our clients will have access to a market-leading solution that is proven to significantly lower processing and review costs.”

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is fully operational in less than 25 minutes, and provides users with immediate visibility into case facts, significantly accelerating early case assessment. Clearwell’s transparent search, metadata filters, and people analytics enable users to quickly and defensibly eliminate irrelevant documents and false positives, lowering processing costs, and reducing review workload. The product’s review capabilities display documents in context, further increasing review throughput. In addition, data can be seamlessly uploaded into litigation support databases via EDRM-compliant XML load file. All actions are tracked via Clearwell’s case management and reporting capabilities, ensuring a more defensible e-discovery process.

“Given the current economic and regulatory climate, one of the biggest corporate initiatives for customers around the globe is to eliminate the costs and risks of e-discovery in response to law suits, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations,” said Andy Byrne, vice president of business development at Clearwell Systems.  “We’re very excited to be an integral part of EMC’s end-to-end e-discovery solution, and help our joint customers solve the biggest and most expensive e-discovery challenges facing corporations today.”

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is available immediately through EMC Select.

About Clearwell Systems

Clearwell Systems is transforming the way enterprises perform electronic discovery in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations. By automating the processing, analysis and review of all electronically stored information, Clearwell enables enterprises to accelerate early case assessments, lower processing costs, reduce review workload, and gain control of electronic discovery. Clearwell was ranked a Top 5 E-Discovery Software Provider Overall in the 2008 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey. For more information, visit or read the E-discovery 2.0 blog at:

(1) “Reduce The Cost and Risk of E-Discovery in 2009,” by Gartner, Inc., Debra Logan and John Bace. January 9, 2009.

(2) “MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2008,” by Gartner, Inc, Debra Logan, John Bace and Whit Andrews. December 17, 2008