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“Clearwell Mobile” Solves Cross-Border E-Discovery Challenges

New Solution Enables In-Country E-Discovery, Allowing Global Companies To Cost-Effectively Comply With Data Protection Directives

NEW YORK from LEGALTECH 2009 — February 2, 2009 — Clearwell Systems, Inc., a leader in intelligent e-discovery, today announced the launch of Clearwell Mobile, a solution for cross-border litigation powered by the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform. Clearwell Mobile provides market-leading processing, analysis, and review capabilities that can be “dropped-in” at a customer’s site, allowing legal teams to cost-effectively perform e-discovery in the country where the data resides and meet the European Union (EU) Directive on Data Protection as well as country-specific data privacy guidelines.

“The combination of increasing cross-border disputes and regulatory inquiries, and local requirements to keep data within Switzerland presents a significant challenge,” said Dr. Martin Burkhardt of Lenz & Staehelin, Switzerland. “The Clearwell Mobile solution provides substantial benefits in that it assists us to comply with EU and country specific data privacy laws, provides a well structured and fast access to the data for review, and robust e-discovery capabilities. For our clients, this translates into highly effective and expedient review work in Switzerland, with a low risk of discovery failures, and considerable savings of cost and time.”

Prior to Clearwell Mobile, European companies involved in cross-border litigation were forced to choose between two difficult, alternative approaches to e-discovery. On the one hand, they could seek Safe Harbor certification to transfer data to another country. However, Safe Harbor certification is not applicable in all cases, and requires compliance with several Safe Harbor principles, which can be very onerous, expensive and time consuming to meet. On the other, companies could conduct manual e-discovery in the country where the data resides using traditional tools. This approach significantly delays e-discovery, increases costs, and potentially leads to fines and sanctions if deadlines are missed.

The Clearwell Mobile solution offers a unique delivery model wherein the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is transported directly to the country where the data resides for processing, analysis and review, and shipped back once the task is completed. The Clearwell Mobile solution is fully Unicode compliant and supports English, Western European, Eastern European, and Asian languages. The solution extends transparent search to multiple languages, allowing users to leverage unique features such as search preview, search filter, and search report in cross-border cases. The solution also provides automatic language identification and provides exact document counts by language type across the entire data set, enabling users to easily tag documents with different languages and assign them to different reviewers.

“Cross-border litigation is a fact of life in today’s global business environment,” said Kamal Shah, vice president of marketing and product management at Clearwell Systems. “Given the difference between privacy laws in the United States and Europe, most global companies are seeking to minimize the transfer of data across international borders. Clearwell Mobile provides the portability and capabilities that enable global companies to perform e-discovery in the country where the data resides, significantly reducing legal risk and lowering costs.”

About Clearwell Systems

Clearwell Systems is transforming the way enterprises perform electronic discovery in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations. By automating the processing, analysis and review of all electronically stored information, Clearwell enables enterprises to accelerate early case assessments, lower processing costs, reduce review workload, and gain control of electronic discovery. Clearwell was ranked a Top 5 E-Discovery Software Provider Overall in the 2008 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey. For more information, visit www.clearwellsystems.com or read the E-discovery 2.0 blog at: www.clearwellsystems.com/e-discovery-blog.