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Healthcare Customers Cut Costs and Improve the Delivery of Patient Care with Symantec

Symantec Healthcare Provider Solution helps healthcare providers secure and manage critical information

CUPERTINO, Calif. – April 7, 2009 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Molina Healthcare and Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) are using technologies and services within the Symantec Healthcare Provider Solution to improve patient care, reduce IT costs and comply with regulations governing the security and availability of patient records. The Symantec Healthcare Provider Solution enables Molina Healthcare and Visiting Nurse Service of New York to ensure patient records are both protected and immediately accessible to authorized personnel. The Symantec Healthcare Provider Solution will also help both organizations answer President Obama’s call to have all medical records digitized by 2014.

Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare, Inc. is a multi-state managed care organization that arranges for the delivery of health care services to persons eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, and other government-sponsored programs for low-income families and individuals. Molina Healthcare’s ten licensed health plan subsidiaries currently serve approximately 1.2 million members.

The organization’s IT team faces the complexity of managing laptops, smartphones and PDAs for 2,300 employees in multiple states— and keeping them patched, protected and compliant.

After implementing several Symantec products that make up the Symantec Healthcare Provider Solution— including Symantec Endpoint Protection, Symantec Control Compliance Suite, Symantec Veritas NetBackup and NetBackup PureDisk, Veritas CommandCentral Storage, Veritas Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster Server and Symantec Enterprise Vault content and archiving software—Molina has realized numerous benefits, including:

  • Reducing backup costs by 60 percent and the time it takes to recover a production application from 10-15 hours to two hours.
  • Migrating more than 3,000 Microsoft Exchange personal folder files spread across the corporate network into a central repository where their contents are now indexed and easily searchable.
  • Reducing the costs of securing and managing 2,300 laptops, desktops and other endpoint devices in multiple locations by 80 percent. Managing security for these endpoints is now a part-time assignment for a single person, as opposed to the four-to-five employees working full-time.

Visiting Nurse Service of New York

The Visiting Nurse Service of New York is the largest not-for-profit home health care organization in the country. VNSNY has 4,000 clinicians that use laptops to access patient records while visiting an average of 30,000 patients a day. VNSNY has implemented Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 and Symantec Endpoint Encryption to enable ready access to those records while ensuring compliance with the patient privacy and security requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Symantec Endpoint Protection integrates essential technologies such as antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, device and application control, and requires only a single agent that is managed by one management console. Combined with Symantec Endpoint Protection, VNSNY ensures data residing on laptops and the corporate network is both secure and readily available to authorized personnel.

VNSNY also relies on Symantec DeepSight Threat Management System to provide real-time intelligence covering the complete threat lifecycle, from initial vulnerability to active attack. With personalized notification triggers and expert analysis, DeepSight enables enterprises to prioritize IT resources in order to better protect critical information assets against a potential attack.


“Standardization has enabled us to displace four or five vendors. Standardizing on integrated tools from Symantec gives us the biggest bang for the buck.”
— Sri Bharadwaj, director of infrastructure and operations, Molina Healthcare, Inc.

“Our clinicians and executives are very mobile, so the risk of the loss or theft of a laptop is increased. Symantec Endpoint Encryption gives me peace of mind by allowing me to make sure laptops are locked down and the data residing on them and on our network is inaccessible to anyone not authorized to view them.”
— Larry Whiteside, Jr. CISO, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

“Before we started leveraging the information provided by the Symantec DeepSight Threat Management System and Symantec Event Information Manager (SEIM), we had to assign two full-time employees to spend their days checking all the logs that are now automatically correlated and prioritized. DeepSight provides us with alerts and information on patches, which significantly reduces the number man-hours we must devote to managing security of our systems.”
— Larry Whiteside, Jr. CISO, Visiting Nurse Service of New York

About Symantec

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