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VeriSign Continues Chinese Banking Success Following Key Win with China Merchants Bank

China Merchants Bank selects VeriSign® Extended Validation SSL Certificates to protect customers' high value transactions from online threats

Beijing, China - 26 August, 2009 - VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced that it has been selected by the sixth largest commercial bank in China, China Merchants Bank (CMB), to provide Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificates for the protection of its customers' high value transactions from online security threats. The deal was facilitated by VeriSign's Platinum Reseller partner iTrusChina.

"Increasingly, we are encouraging our customers to conduct their daily banking activities online to help their fast-paced lifestyles, not to mention the conveniences offered by Internet banking," said a spokesperson from CMB. "For this to happen successfully, it is critical that we are able to reduce the incidence of online fraud and provide advanced protection to customers to maintain their valuable trust."

VeriSign EV SSL Certificates give high security Web browsers information to clearly identify a Web site's organisational identity. When customers using current versions of all popular Web browsers visit CMB's Internet banking Web site, the address bar in their browser lights up green to assure them that they have reached a legitimate Web site.

"When customers spot the green address bar generated by VeriSign EV SSL Certificates, they know they have found the official CMB site that will secure their information," continued a spokesperson from CMB. "This additional layer of security is invaluable in an age where identity theft and other fraudulent activity is a constant concern, helping our customers to bank online with confidence."

In addition to the green address bar, VeriSign EV SSL Certificates also provide other visual cues, such as a new field that informs who the Web site owner is, as well as the security provider that issued the certificate, such as VeriSign.

"Banking and financial institutions in China are increasingly recognising that standard SSL Certificates are not as easily seen by customers to indicate that the site is a safe place to transact online," said Armando Dacal, director of Authentication, VeriSign Asia Pacific. "Introducing a visual layer to their security will help them to build confidence with customers at first glance and maintain a high-trust environment."

As the most respected and trusted SSL authority on the Web, VeriSign is the EV SSL Certificate provider of choice for more than 10,000 Internet domain names, representing 74 percent of the entire EV SSL Certificate market worldwide (1). In fact, more than 95 percent of the Fortune 500 and 96 of the world's 100 largest SSL-using banks secure their sites with SSL Certificates sold by VeriSign (2). To learn more about VeriSign EV SSL, visit

(1) Includes EV SSL issued by VeriSign and its subsidiaries
(2) Includes VeriSign's subsidiaries, affiliates and resellers