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Symantec to Provide Deeper Insight into IT Risk and Compliance Posture

Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.0 to Offer Greater Visibility for Better Decision-Making

LAS VEGAS - Symantec Vision - April 13, 2010 – Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.0, the next version of Symantec’s holistic, fully-automated solution to manage all aspects of IT risk and compliance. Control Compliance Suite 10.0 is expected to provide even greater visibility into an organization’s security and compliance posture while still lowering compliance cost and complexity. The solution plans to do this by: integrating content awareness from Symantec Data Loss Prevention; adding a new component to assess infrastructure vulnerabilities; and providing a seamlessly-integrated facility to automate the collection and management of evidence from external sources. To complement the wealth of data sources centralized within Control Compliance Suite 10.0, new dynamic web-based dashboards are expected to make it possible to get the right information to the right people quickly and easily.

Information security executives today are under increased pressure to reduce IT risks and meet regulatory requirements while simultaneously coping with limited resources and budgets. For example, today’s average enterprise is exploring 17 standards and frameworks, according to Symantec’s 2010 State of Enterprise Security study. However, 36 percent of organizations surveyed still rely on spreadsheets or other manual documents to manage their risk management and compliance efforts. An automated solution with out-of-the-box integration across policy, controls assessment, remediation and reporting is better able to deliver improved visibility into IT risk and compliance status while keeping the cost and complexity of compliance under control. Control Compliance Suite 10.0 plans to build on the holistic and tightly-integrated compliance process automation solution offered by previous versions by expanding its ability to integrate with other enterprise solutions to further drive down the cost of security and compliance.

Control Compliance Suite 10.0 is planned to offer tight integration with Symantec Data Loss Prevention to provide insight into where the most critical data resides, helping organizations protect their most important information first. The added content awareness in Control Compliance Suite 10.0 is expected to enable the prioritization of assessment and remediation efforts for IT assets housing the most sensitive information.

Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager, a new component in the suite, is expected to provide organizations with visibility into vulnerabilities across a wide range of managed and unmanaged systems on their networks. These advanced vulnerability assessment capabilities are expected to proactively prevent threats to critical assets by accurately identifying vulnerabilities in an organization’s most sensitive servers, web-based applications and unmanaged systems. Automating the vulnerability management lifecycle, from discovery to prioritization to resolution, also reduces the cost and complexity associated with managing vulnerabilities.

For more comprehensive risk analysis, Control Compliance Suite 10.0 expects to offer a new centralized evidence collection and management system. This new capability is planned to automate the compilation of data from disparate systems across the enterprise and consolidate it into one central repository. With the new dynamic web-based dashboards the centralized data is expected to provide customers a flexible way to communicate the right information to the right stakeholder at the right time, delivering more meaningful insights into the state of the IT environment.

“One of the key challenges in managing IT risk and compliance is bringing all of the disparate data elements together into a consolidated view of security and compliance,” said Aaron Aubrecht, senior director of product management at Symantec. “Control Compliance Suite 10.0 is an integrated, automated solution designed to meet this challenge, allowing information security professionals to focus their efforts on driving positive business outcomes.”

Symantec Control Compliance Suite 10.0 is expected to be available mid- to late 2010.

Customer Testimonials

  • “The ability to extend the Control Compliance Suite schema to allow for reporting from external sources enables Control Compliance Suite to be ‘the’ only software that enterprises need to buy. A centralized data store that can be extended at any time provides an immense capability to grow with future security and compliance requirements.” –security operations manager, Large Hospitality Company
  • “The new Control Compliance Suite 10 dashboards will significantly benefit our monitoring and security functions.” -enterprise security engineer, Large Regional Bank

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