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BOCI-Prudential Trustee Ltd to Launch New Online Scheme Member Services with Protection from VeriSign®

VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates to protect members' highly sensitive personal data and online transactions

Hong Kong, 26th April 2010, VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world, today announced that BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited (in short "BOCI-Prudential") has selected VeriSign Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates to provide advanced security and visual assurance on its new member Web site to be launched July 2010.

BOCI-Prudential is one of the leading provider of wealth management solutions in Hong Kong, focusing on the mandatory provident fund (MPF) and retirement scheme businesses. It is a joint venture between Bank of China and Prudential Corporation Holdings.

The future provisioning of members' online transactions and services is a core focus for BOCI-Prudential to increase member satisfaction and lower administration costs. Therefore, BOCI-Prudential is launching a new member Web site with flexibility for future development. An important feature of the new Web site is the deployment of VeriSign EV SSL Certificates to provide advanced security for the protection of members' online transactions and personal information, as well to eliminate the potential for phishing attacks.

"When it comes to investing, members are sensitive and concerned about what is happening to their money, so having access to up-to-date information at any time and from any place is driving our online strategy," said Lewis Liu, Head of Information Technology of BOCI-Prudential. "Protecting members' highly sensitive information is our greatest concern. VeriSign's EV SSL Certificates will give them the confidence to use our new Web site as well as any new functions we introduce in the future, such as MPF member account portability."

When Internet users equipped with current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera and other browsers visit a site protected by EV SSL Certificates, the top of the browser lights up in green and displays the name of the company operating the Web site. This green glow offers immediate reassurance that they have reached a site whose authenticity has been verified by a certificate authority such as VeriSign, the world's leading SSL Certificate authority.

"We have been a VeriSign SSL customer for the past two years as VeriSign is well known in the market with many big corporations in Hong Kong also using VeriSign's services," said Mr Liu. "It was a natural progression for us to deploy VeriSign's latest EV SSL Certificates on our new Web site. The added assurance provided by the new visual features was certainly an attractive benefit."

As the most respected and trusted SSL authority on the Web, VeriSign is the EV SSL Certificate provider of choice for more than 17,000 online businesses. In fact, 93 percent of the Fortune 500 and 97 of the world's 100 largest SSL-using banks secure their sites with SSL Certificates sold by VeriSign.* To learn more about VeriSign EV SSL, visit

"Whilst convenience is one of the main drivers behind people using online services, whether a member feels safe or not will play a crucial role in how BOCI-Prudential's new services are used and how enjoyable their experience is," said Armando Dacal, director of Authentication Sales - Asia Pacific, VeriSign. "VeriSign EV SSL Certificates provides a visual way to demonstrate that its Web site is legitimate and transactions are safe from potential threats."

* Includes EV SSL issued by VeriSign and its subsidiaries

BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited ("BOCI-Prudential") is one of the major service providers in the mandatory provident fund industry. We focus on the mandatory provident fund and retirement scheme businesses and are expanding to cover unit trust trustee and custodian services.

BOCI-Prudential is a joint venture founded by BOC Group Trustee Company Limited and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited. BOC Group Trustee Company Limited is owned by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ("BOC(HK)") and BOC International Holdings Limited ("BOCI"), which are subsidiaries of Bank of China Limited ("Bank of China").