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Clearwell Announces Next Generation Targeted Collection to Help Enterprises Manage Explosion of Electronic Data

Innovative approach to targeted collection leverages federated search to provide faster time to value and lower total costs of e-discovery

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — June 13, 2011 — Clearwell Systems, Inc., a leader in intelligent e–discovery, today announced enhancements to the Clearwell Identification and Collection Module that will bring next generation targeted collection to e-discovery. With this release, Clearwell delivers federated search-enabled keyword collection to address e-discovery challenges posed by the continuous, exponential growth of data and the rising use of wikis, blogs and other cloud and social media forums. Specifically, Clearwell’s keyword collections provide customers the flexibility to leverage their existing IT infrastructure, such as built-in indices for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and Windows file shares, whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud. As a result, customers can more quickly and cost-effectively identify and collect potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation, compliance and regulatory inquiries.

“E-discovery is an increasingly complex and costly process, especially given the growth in electronic information, so enterprises are looking for ways to hone in on only the set of information that is most relevant to a matter at hand,” said Shawn Cheadle, General Counsel S&NS, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. “By enabling targeted collection based on intelligent filters such as keywords in addition to metadata, Clearwell can help organizations reduce the amount of data that must be collected to only the most potentially relevant set. This feature has the potential to offer tremendous savings in total e-discovery costs.”

“Today, electronic business communications rely upon far more than just emails and Word documents, and there is an ever-increasing amount of data period — so being able to store a variety of information both on-premise and in the cloud and easily retrieve it for e-discovery purposes is critical,” said Todd Roeller, director of litigation readiness at Flowserve Corporation. “Clearwell’s new targeted collection capabilities provide the most effective and cost efficient option for collecting that data. With Clearwell’s targeted collections, enterprises can leverage their existing IT infrastructure to easily and quickly conduct focused data collections of only the most relevant information.”

The amount of ESI enterprises are currently grappling with is sizeable and growing quickly. According to IDC, this digital universe will grow from 800,000 petabytes in 2009 to an expected 35 zettabytes by 2020 — 44 times the volume of digital information in 2009. Furthermore, by 2020 more than one third of that digital information is expected to live in or pass through the cloud. These trends in the growth of both data volumes and cloud computing result in rising e-discovery costs, as there is an increasingly large volume of ESI that must be collected and then processed, analyzed, reviewed and produced in the event of litigation, regulatory inquiries or internal investigations. To prevent these costs from spiraling out of control, Clearwell’s targeted collection capabilities provide customers with the flexibility to filter collections by keyword in addition to metadata such as custodian, date range or file type. Additionally, customers have the option of leveraging federated search-enabled keyword collection, enabling them to save time and costs in all phases of e-discovery.

New features in the Clearwell Identification and Collection Module include:

  • Keyword Filters: Provides the ability to filter collections by keywords. Administrators have the option to leverage existing source indices to utilize federated search-enabled keyword collections from data sources behind the firewall or in the cloud.
  • Extended SharePoint Collections: Allows users to collect the full range of SharePoint document types including blogs, wikis, calendar items, announcements, discussions and surveys, and render them in context.
  • Microsoft RMS Environment Support: Automatically interfaces with Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) environments to securely decrypt and collect documents on the fly.

“Companies must be prepared to collect from the ever-growing volume of ESI wherever it resides,” said Kamal Shah, vice president of products and marketing at Clearwell Systems. “With Clearwell’s approach to targeted collection, our customers can confidently continue to adopt cloud computing technologies with the assurance that their data, whether stored locally or in the cloud, can be rapidly identified and collected for e-discovery. These new features provide added value to our customers by allowing them to determine which collection strategy best meets their needs, while ensuring defensibility and reducing costs.”

Clearwell’s new targeted collection capabilities will be available in the third quarter of 2011. For more information on the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, visit www.clearwellsystems.com or call 1-877-CLEARWELL.

About Clearwell Systems
Clearwell Systems is transforming the way enterprises, government agencies, and law firms perform electronic discovery (e–discovery) in response to litigation, regulatory inquiries, and internal investigations. The Clearwell E–Discovery Platform streamlines end–to–end e–discovery, providing a single product for identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis, review, and production. Leading global organizations such as AEGON, Bombardier Learjet, Clear Channel Communications, Constellation Energy, the Department of Health and Human Services, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, GameFly, Microsoft, NBC Universal, OfficeMax, Saint Barnabas Health Care System, Time Warner, Toyota and Volvo are using Clearwell to streamline legal hold notifications, automate collections, accelerate early case assessments, intelligently cull–down data, increase reviewer productivity, and ensure the defensibility of their e–discovery process. Consistently ranked as a leader in independent e–discovery industry surveys and reports, Clearwell Systems is an active participant in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) Project, The Sedona Conference, and the Text REtrieval Conference (TREC). For more information, visit www.clearwellsystems.com, follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/clearwell, or subscribe to the E–Discovery 2.0 blog at http://www.clearwellsystems.com/e–discovery–blog/.