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2012 Symantec Backup and Recovery Launch

Exponential data growth fueled by the rapid adoption of virtualization and a 24/7 work model has created an environment where organizations are unable to meet backup windows and run the risk of violating demanding SLAs. Traditional backup has been pushed to its breaking point and a new approach is needed. Symantec will deliver a bold new plan to reinvent backup and help its customers address the problems in backup—from the most complex of enterprise data centers requiring a true tiered-recovery strategy to the smallest business that needs confidence that they can recover data if something happens. Stay tuned for more updates to this page as we will provide sneak peaks into new technologies that will help our customers triumph over their data protection challenges.


Deepak Mohan

Deepak Mohan,
Senior Vice President, Information Management Group

Brian Dye

Brian Dye,
Vice President of Product Management, Information Management Group

Amit Walia

Amit Walia,
Vice President of Product Management, Information Management Group

Sean Regan

Sean Regan,
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Symantec Information Management Group

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