Fran Rosch

Fran Rosch

Senior Vice President, Mobile

Fran Rosch is senior vice president of Mobility at Symantec. In this role, he leads product strategy and delivery of all of Symantec’s mobility solutions, including both consumer and enterprise solutions.

Mr. Rosch previously led the Identity and Authentication Services at Symantec, where he lead product management, product development, customer authentication and infrastructure operations for Symantec’s Trust Services and User Authentication solutions. Before that, he lead the Trust Services business unit focused on developing and delivering solutions to protect users as they transact online. The goal of these services is not only to protect users online but also to help businesses increase their online user traffic and conversions by developing trust and loyalty with their users.

Mr. Rosch joined Symantec in 2010 through the acquisition of VeriSign’s security business. Prior to joining Symantec, Mr. Rosch had been part of the VeriSign security organization for twelve years where he focused on working with the company’s largest customers to design and deploy effective security solutions to solve business challenges.

Prior to joining VeriSign in 1998, Mr. Rosch worked as an IT and security consultant for various consulting organizations. Mr. Rosch earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.