Azzedine Benameur


Azzedine Benameur

Dr. Azzedine Benameur is a Researcher at Symantec Research Labs working on government-funded projects. Dr. Benameur received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Lyon University, where his research focused on Service Oriented Architecture security. He received his Master’s degree from INSA Lyon (National Institute for Applied Sciences, Lyon).

Dr. Benameur is currently conducting research on securing executables of uncertain provenance, on I/O redirection, and on diversification techniques.

Before joining Symantec, Dr. Benameur was a Researcher in the Cloud and Security Lab of HP Labs Bristol, UK. At HP he worked on privacy as part of the European Union’s EnCoRe project, investigating fine-grained consent and revocation in user-centric applications. Prior to this he worked on SERENITY, another European Union security research project, at the Security&Trust Lab of SAP Research.

Dr. Benameur has published papers and has patents in the area of web service security.