Bruce McCorkendale

Distinguished Engineer

Bruce McCorkendale

Bruce McCorkendale is a Distinguished Engineer and is Chief Architect of the CoreMobile team within Symantec Research Labs. Since starting at Symantec in 1990 to work on Norton Desktop for Windows, Bruce’s Symantec career has spanned the Norton utility and security products; shared technologies; research; and intellectual property and competitive strategy. Bruce is an inventor with a growing list of granted patents. His background before Symantec included work at IBM, General Dynamics, and startups. Mr. McCorkendale has a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with a Specialization in Computing and a Specialization in Business from UCLA.

The CoreMobile team builds mobile platform expertise and capabilities that accelerate Symantec’s push into mobile markets. As Chief Architect of the CoreMobile team, Bruce oversees work exploring unique needs that arise from the very personal nature of the mobile computing experience. Norton Mobile Utilities for Android is CoreMobile’s most visible public platform for exploring new ideas and for gathering feedback from mobile users and environments.

Prior to the SRL CoreMobile team, Bruce was responsible for Symantec-wide virtualization and cloud computing strategies. As part of that work, Bruce developed the Single Instance Symantec strategy to provide more efficient and better performing security in virtual environments. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.0 is the first product that delivers elements of this strategy.

Bruce’s technical interests include machine learning, advanced threat analysis, intrusion prevention, and adaptive security models.