Michael Spertus


Mike Spertus

Michael Spertus is a Researcher at Symantec Research Labs and an Adjunct Professor in the University of Chicago’s Computer Science department. After joining SRL, Michael was instrumental in combining the legacy Veritas and Symantec technology stacks to detect and repair today's most insidious rootkits. He has played a lead architectural role for several SRL Advanced Concepts projects, including the just-announced Norton Online Family Service.

Previously, Mr. Spertus was Chief Technologist for the performance management division of Veritas, and was the founder and CTO of Geodesic Systems, a maker of self-healing software which was later acquired by Veritas. At Geodesic, he was the chief designer of Great Circle, a garbage collector for C and C++, which was selected as Product of the Year in its category by Software Development Magazine. Previously, he co-authored one of the first major commercial C compilers for the original IBM PC. Mr. Spertus is a member of the ANSI/ISO C++ Standards Committee. He is widely published in academic and trade journals and has spoken frequently in both university and industry settings. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Spertus Institute and the Visiting Committee for the Physical Sciences Division at the University of Chicago.