Symantec Research Labs Bios

Symantec Research Labs (SRL) researchers are driven by the desire to create innovative technologies, processes, and methodologies that positively impact Symantec’s customers. Over the years, SRL researchers have developed many new and improved technologies found today in Symantec's market-leading products and created entirely new products offerings for the Symantec product portfolio. Listed below are the biographies of some of our researchers.


George Amvrosiadis - PhD Student

Azzedine Benameur - Researcher

Medha Bhadkamkar - Researcher

Sandeep Bhatkar - Researcher

Matthew Elder - Researcher

Petros Efstathopoulos - Researcher

Nathan Evans - Researcher

Christopher Gates - Researcher

Fanglu Guo - Researcher

Michael Hart - Researcher

CW Hobbs - Engineer

Vish Janakiraman – Researcher

Rasoul Samad Zadeh Kaljahi - PhD Student

Anand Kashyap – Researcher

Eun-Kyu (EK) Lee - Researcher

Yin Liu - Researcher

Daniel Marino - Researcher

Linda Mitchell - PhD Student

Susanta Nanda - Researcher

Aleatha Parker-Wood - Researcher

Hemant Puri - Researcher

Johann Roturier - Researcher

Kevin Roundy - Researcher

Sanjay Sawhney – Director of Research

Yun Shen - Researcher

Darren Shou – Director of Research

David Silva - Software Engineer

Olivier Thonnard - Researcher

Chiyan Wang - Researcher

Leylya Yumer - Researcher