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Symantec AdvisorMail

Email discovery and compliance

Symantec AdvisorMail is designed to streamline compliance and email discovery by simplifying the review and supervision of email messages, instant messages, Reuters and Bloomberg messages, and social media. It is a leading cloud-based archiving solution for SEC- and FINRA-regulated firms as well as organizations regulated by GLBA, SOX, HIPAA and other compliance requirements. With more than 25,000 successful audits to date, AdvisorMail continues to be a leading industry standard for US companies who are required to satisfy governmental or regulatory requirements.


Compliance Redefined

Symantec’s email archiving services are the best insurance policy firms can have for protecting against missing or lost emails, while also meeting compliance and legal mandates.


  • Review Options: AdvisorMail offers pre-review, post-review and random sampling options for message review in order to meet compliance requirements
  • Snippet View: Snippet View allows reviewers to quickly perform mass actions and review multiple mails at once
  • Focus View: Focus View presents message body violations and attachment violations in one streamlined tabbed control, saving reviewers the chore of opening multiple windows to view violations in message attachments
  • Advanced Message Filters: These filters let reviewers easily sort, search and select emails, using advanced message filters
  • WORM Storage: Tamper-proof WORM storage meets the strictest regulatory compliance requirements
  • Next-Click Review: Quickly jump to the next violation in email messages and attachments with only a single mouse click
  • Right-Click Actions: Reviewers can choose commands, add key phrases to lexicons and review multiple email at once with simple right-click options
  • HTML Messages: Reviewers can view non-compliant messages in native HTML format without having to download them
  • Audit Trail: All messages are marked with a time-stamped audit trail that documents the review process, and auditors may attach notes to messages anytime

Key Benefits

  • One-click review simplifies the review process and lets reviewers add keywords or phrases to the lexicon with a single click
  • Simple Outlook-like interface enables great adoption and a faster learning curve
  • Easier-than-ever administration for user, office and lexicon setup
  • A unique approach to tiered supervision simplifies review across corporate and branch levels
  • End-to-end audit support ensures that clients are always prepared for an internal investigation, mock audit or regulatory-driven audit
  • Reduce upfront costs and total cost of ownership with a complete cloud-based solution (no hardware, no software)
  • Maintain compliance with standard configurations using templates and policy checks