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Enable the Agile Data Center

When You Can Do It Simply, You Can Do It All

Business demands the effective delivery of the right resources to the right users, and CIOs and architects are straining to deliver in the right way. Agile data centers can leverage Symantec’s IT intelligence to stay backed up, resilient and safeguarded. Learn how we can help you transform with confidence.
As you move to an agile data center, Symantec’s broad portfolio can modernize your data center faster and more efficiently with less risk.
Symantec solutions can transform your data center by:
  • Building a sound foundation. Our solutions can be the foundation to help ensure critical services are available, data and applications are secure and recoverable, and security threats and breaches are stopped.
  • Supporting heterogeneity. No matter what platform you use, our solutions can support you. We’re platform-agnostic so you’re not tied to a specific hardware environment or vendor.
  • Protecting the entire infrastructure. Our security, data protection, storage, business service high availability, and disaster recovery solutions are designed to protect your entire infrastructure.

Symantec Solutions that Enable the Agile Data Center

NetBackup manages backups across heterogeneous environments and helps ensure service levels are met with elastic, scalable data protection.
Storage Foundation High Availability keeps mission-critical data, applications, and infrastructure highly-available and agile to satisfy changing business requirements.
Disaster Recovery Advisor complements high availability and disaster recovery solutions to help ensure your business continuity plan will work when needed.
Data Center Security: Server &Server Advanced help secure physical and virtual servers and help evolve your data center’s security architecture.