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Business Challenge: Spam Prevention


Minimize network downtime and preserve employee productivity by choosing effective anti-spam software that actively responds to new spam threats and blocks mass, bulk, junk, and inappropriate email.


  • Protecting against malware for multi-protocol messaging traffic (email and IM)
  • Increasing infrastructure cost and system inefficiencies from skyrocketing volumes of spam
  • Filtering message content to remove spam, block malware, and protect against leakage of intellectual property (IP) and other confidential data
  • Compromising and balancing between using an effective email spam filter and blocking legitimate email
Spam Prevention
Protection against external threats over inbound and outbound email, instant messages (IM) and SharePoint collaboration with integrated advanced content filtering, antivirus and anti-spam software.
  • Detect and block spam before it reaches the internal mail infrastructure
  • Protect business networks from quickly spreading viruses and worms
  • Lower the administrative IT costs and risk of properly securing and managing a messaging infrastructure with flexible spam prevention options for hosted, managed services and appliances
  • Reduce the amount of email to be backed up and archived by lowering message volumes with the use of an effective email spam filter
  • Ensure rapid response to new spam threats by leveraging the Symantec Global Intelligence Network
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