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Business Challenge: On-demand Application Delivery


Enabling on-demand application delivery involves streamlining or automating the application delivery process to be more responsive to end-user productivity needs and less reliant on IT intervention, without compromising security or manageability.


  • Increasing number of mobile and remote users makes traditional application streaming and delivery less reliable
  • Increasing mobility of users between computers complicates application streaming and delivery, as well as license management
  • The fluidity of virtual desktops and virtual machines requires an equally flexible delivery technology
On-demand Application Delivery
Provision and protect endpoint environments instantly using application streaming, virtualization, and desktop broker technologies to reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Avoid downloads and installations and improve application streaming and delivery
  • Support local execution while maintaining central control
  • Allow users to obtain authorized applications, on-demand, without requiring IT intervention
  • Enable delta-only application upgrades or back-grades to reduce network bandwidth usage
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