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Business Challenge: Unstructured Data Archiving


Automate the migration, storage, and retention of unstructured corporate information ranging from emails to instant messages and video multimedia files in accordance with IT and legal policies.


  • Managing the exponential growth of unstructured content, including email, SharePoint, instant messages, and the contents of file servers
  • Capturing and indexing unstructured content automatically
  • Establishing a clear chain of custody for corporate information by achieving seamless integration between an archiving solution and existing case management policies
Unstructured Data Archiving
Archiving software allows businesses to automate movement and retention of unstructured information to improve performance, scale, and manageability of applications. With archive software, organizations can also, optimize storage while reducing risk and costs associated with providing transparent end-user access.
  • Use archive software to implement one common storage model for all archived items, including unstructured data, with a comprehensive and flexible framework for archiving and e-discovery
  • Provide your knowledge workers with intuitive search of the significant amount of corporate information not stored in enterprise content management software
  • Use archiving software to shorten time for incremental backups as unstructured data is offloaded from frontline servers and centralized
  • Migrate users off personal storage files and reduce the size of Lotus Notes with fast access to archived unstructured data
  • Enable end users to easily access their own archives
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