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Reducing Complexity Saves Money and Time

December 6, 2007


With three separate email systems, and email doubling every year, ING maintained archiving requirements compliance with help from Symantec and NetApp.

Held back by complexity

ING Investment Management Group LLC is the U.S.-based division of Dutch ING Group, one of the world’s largest financial services companies. It manages more than $475 billion in investments for institutional clients, fund distributors, and other ING units.
ING Investment Management Group’s disparate network and communications systems were difficult to manage, making it hard for the company to meet increasingly complex compliance requirements. As of 2003, ING had three separate email systems and multiple phone systems, directories, and Microsoft Windows NT4 domains, as well as 575 servers with direct attached storage. The company also faced 100 percent annual growth in email data.
Mark Kolodzej, ING’s vice president of IT and head of the infrastructure services department, developed a long-term strategy to consolidate and standardize every aspect of the company’s technical infrastructure. Storage consolidation and email management solutions in the Symantec Enterprise Vault family were essential to the strategy. These included Compliance Accelerator, Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Archiving, Microsoft Exchange Journaling, and File System Archiving.
ING Investment Management also introduced tiered storage solutions based on technology from Network Appliance (NetApp). Symantec Consulting Services played a major role in the implementation, which ran from October 2004 through early 2007.

Standardization simplifies and cuts costs by millions

The Symantec Enterprise Vault platform has allowed ING to bring all its data management back in-house. The company is able to classify, isolate, and retrieve data more efficiently, speeding up its e-discovery and data mining efforts. Users no longer have size limits on their mailboxes, and the company doesn’t need to move archived email from the Microsoft Exchange server to PST files for retention.
The tiered storage model, integrating Enterprise Vault and NetApp technologies in a storage area network (SAN), has reduced ING’s cost per gigabyte of non-active archived data from $45 to $10, a 78 percent decrease.
The Alchemy Solutions Group, using its Total Operational & Economic Impact (TOEI) methodology, identified total business value savings and efficiency gains of US$14.2 million from 2004 to 2008 in the following areas:
  • $7.8 million in PST file management cost avoidance
  • $3.6 million in efficiency savings and server cost avoidance by using file system archiving
  • $1.3 million in savings by adopting a tiered storage strategy
  • Less time needed to restore end users' email
  • Lower cost of compliance with regulatory agency requests
  • E-discovery time reduced by 90 percent
  • Avoiding buying two new Microsoft Exchange servers a year, plus the cost of hiring staff to maintain them.
The results of the data consolidation and standardization initiative were summed up by Mark Kolodzej: "The Symantec team did some amazing work bringing us an Enterprise Vault solution that has significantly streamlined our internal operations, while also making us much more compliance-ready."
For more detail on the business value ING Investment Management Group LLC is realizing by standardizing on data management software from Symantec, read the Business Value Analysis by The Alchemy Solutions Group.

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