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Bar-S Foods Beefs Up its Backups

February 15, 2008


When an unreliable backup “solution” began to threaten mission-critical data, Symantec provided the tools to get business back on track.

Where did yesterday’s orders go?

After being burned by repeated incidents of data loss and incomplete restores from a third-party backup tool, employees of Bar-S Foods were forced to take matters into their own hands, bringing in their own external drives to protect sales orders.
Bar-S Foods, one of the 40 largest meat-processing companies in the U.S., was saddled with backup software that failed at least six times a year. When that happened, members of the company’s sales staff found they had to re-enter up to 30 percent of their orders for the week.
“Our backups are critical,” says Dave McEldowney, division vice president, information technology at Bar-S Foods. “If we can’t get to our backups, especially with the legal issues these days, or if somebody loses a file and can’t get it back, we’re in trouble. Our users began to do crazy things to make sure their data was protected.”
To make matters worse, Bar-S’s backup technology vendor was unresponsive. “We finally did get a phone call, but we never got the problem resolved,” says McEldowney.

A solution that works

When McEldowney turned to Symantec for a backup solution, he noticed that the company took a completely different sales approach than he was used to. “The people were responsive,” he says, “And I thought, ‘Ah-hah!’”
Bar-S decided to deploy Symantec Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers. Eight months later, backup and restore accuracy still stands at 100 percent.

Restoring user data—and confidence

Sales reps no longer worry about their orders getting wiped out, since Bar-S is using the Desktop and Laptop Option of Backup Exec to automatically back up their data to external drives as an extra layer of protection.
Bar-S now enjoys faster, more accurate restores, as well as a much better vendor relationship.“We go through a careful selection process before we begin working with a vendor,” McEldowney says. “Symantec has been a pleasure to work with.”For more information on how Bar-S Foods was able to achieve 100 percent accurate backups and restores using Symantec solutions, read the Customer Success story.

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