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Taking Data on the Road Requires Secure Endpoints, Server Continuity

June 11, 2008


Lattice Semiconductor’s solutions for endpoint security and server recovery protect company data and ensure business continuity for a highly mobile workforce

A world of designs and data

Oregon-based Lattice Semiconductor Corp. designs and develops semiconductor components called Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs) that combine logical functions and memory in a single device. The company has about 1,000 employees, and engineers frequently travel to international locations with intellectual property stored on laptops. With critical company data residing on multiple servers and hundreds of endpoints, Lattice needed reliable endpoint protection and a solution to reduce recovery time in case a key server failed.

Recovery in minutes, not days

Lattice purchased Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery in 2006 to manage the backup and recovery of application and file servers and to achieve a faster recovery time than restoring from CDs. “Previously, if a server went down I would have to spend a couple of days reinstalling Windows, installing the applications from CD, and reconfiguring everything,” says Brandon Morgan, IS operations manager at Lattice. “Now I can recover a crashed server in less than 45 minutes (excluding backup tape data)—and with a lot more peace of mind.”
Lattice is one of the top four manufacturers in the highly competitive PLD market and ensuring quick recovery of its servers in the event of a failure is critical to maintaining business continuity. With Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery, Lattice has been able to achieve a 95 percent reduction in Microsoft Windows server recovery time

Protection for globe-trotting endpoints

Prior to 2007, Lattice was using two separate solutions for endpoint and messaging security. Although the company had not experienced any serious problems, they needed a solution with more comprehensive remediation capabilities to quarantine and remove viruses once they were detected. “We spent a lot of time removing viruses manually from individual machines or using other virus removal software,” Morgan says. “This type of work consumed about $5,000 a year in IT staff time, not to mention lost user productivity.”
In 2007 Lattice replaced its existing solution with the Symantec Mail Security 8360 appliance and Symantec Endpoint Protection, deploying both products at its company’s headquarters and Symantec Endpoint Protection at some of its international locations. As a result, nearly 100 intrusion and attack attempts are blocked each month. “With Symantec Endpoint Protection, our virus and spyware problems have decreased, so we no longer have to spend as much time looking into those concerns,” says Morgan.
Lattice has also been able to reduce management overhead by writing and enforcing security policies that take advantage of the location awareness functionality in the Symantec Endpoint Protection firewall. “When a laptop is connected at the office, it is already protected by our corporate firewall,” Morgan explains. “Our policy for Symantec Endpoint Protection disables the laptop firewall in this situation and eliminates the potential for port conflicts that would take IT staff time to resolve.” With 200 employees traveling frequently, carrying laptops full of proprietary data and designs, Morgan is less worried now when executives travel to remote locations and connect to unfamiliar networks. “We’ve had issues in the past where employees have traveled to manufacturing facilities abroad and their browser started downloading spyware, for example, when they were looking for a local restaurant online,” says Morgan. “That doesn’t happen anymore.”
Lattice also purchased 24x7 technical support through Symantec Essential Support Services. Although they have not yet had to use the service, Morgan is glad to know that help will be available whenever they need it. “The Symantec team makes it easy to get information and track down the resources we need,” he says. “Besides having great products, everybody I’ve dealt with at the company seems to know what they are doing and how to get the products up and running.”
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