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Aerospace Giant Becomes Spam-Free and Saves Money

August 1, 2008


: Piaggio Aero Industries plots a course for launching a diverse portfolio of Symantec solutions, starting with a security implementation that eliminates 95% of spam.

Increasing efficiency by modernizing systems and processes

Piaggio Aero Industries is the only company in the world that is active in both aero-engines and aerostructures manufacturing. One of the world’s leading aerospace companies, Piaggio Aero designs, develops, constructs, and maintains aircraft, engines, and aircraft structural components.

Two years ago the company decided their Microsoft Windows environment needed an overhaul to bring their systems up to date and optimize efficiency. Piaggio Aero’s internal IT team developed a strategic plan to switch from Windows NT 4.0 to an HP server with newer machines. The core concept of the plan was to manage the entire system with one centralized security policy, including checking client logs, performing daily updates, and ensuring traceability of data.

Partnering for a secure solution

Piaggio Aero worked with Symantec Consulting Services to assess network security and determine whether the network could be breached from outside the company. One pervasive problem they had been battling was the intrusion of spam e-mails, which constituted almost 95 percent of all e-mails received throughout the company.

After deploying Symantec’s Premium AntiSpam solution, Piaggio Aero was able to eliminate almost all incoming spam. As a result of using a dual cascade control system on two servers and the system’s ability to update every 15 minutes, the company was able to save more than 30 percent of the work hours dedicated to managing company IT systems. The Symantec solutions allowed Piaggio Aero to optimize the flow of data to all systems, thereby increasing efficiency and reliability. The company realized an immediate return on investment.

The sky’s the limit for future solutions

The Symantec security solution for Piaggio Aero is just the first step in an 18-month migration project with Symantec Consulting Services. Next on the agenda is the implementation of a mailbox management system and continuity backup through the adoption of a centralized policy for sharing data. The project will conclude with the company defining the concept of disaster recovery, creating processes for developing a disaster recovery plan, and implementing the Symantec solutions necessary for putting a plan in place. The success of the migration project will give Piaggio Aero the ability to centralize processes, perform automatic updates, and realize an excellent performance/price ratio.

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