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Healthcare System Gets a Grip on Data Management

October 7, 2008


Memorial Health System works with Symantec to implement a solution for data archiving and management.

Delivering expert healthcare results in massive amounts of data

Memorial Health System is a non-profit, community-owned healthcare organization whose three acute care hospitals serve a 9-county area in central Illinois. Over 5,000 employees serve more than half a million inpatient and outpatient visits each year.

When Memorial began transitioning to an electronic medical record system, the resulting mountain of data added to the ever-increasing terabytes of email they were already managing. The IT team had to find a way to efficiently archive and manage vast stores of business communications and data while controlling costs. They also needed to meet the challenges of compliance and e-discovery demands while improving employee productivity and protecting IT resources. “Compliance and discovery are becoming more important in healthcare, and we knew we would need to respond to all requests,” says Ken Moss, Memorial’s Manager of Information Technology. “The real issue was that our process was very slow, costly, and incomplete.”

Implementing a solution that saves space, time, and money

Moss and his team researched solutions with the help of Dell, a long-time hardware and solutions provider for Memorial. The team chose Symantec Enterprise Vault based on its market-tested reputation and positive feedback from a neighboring Illinois-based health system. “The maturity and stability of the Symantec product sold it,” says Keith Mahr, Software System Engineer. “We really liked the ability to go with any hardware platform that we chose. We weren’t tied into any device for storage. That kind of flexibility was an advantage.”

Memorial’s IT team selected ProLaunch from Symantec Consulting Services to assist with rapid deployment of the solution. After delivery of the initial design, implementation was carried out by US-Analytics, a Symantec strategic partner. Dell rapidly delivered a second mail server in late October 2007, and by mid-November the IT team had Enterprise Vault up and running. The complete solution—archiving and journaling for mailboxes, tools for e-discovery, and a PST migration solution—was ready for gradual rollout to 1,500 email users by the end of July 2008.

An in-depth analysis by The Alchemy Solutions Group determined that the Enterprise Vault solutions adopted by Memorial will save the organization more than $50,000 over three years in IT man-hours alone, in addition to a savings of more than $89,000 realized by eliminating the purchase of hundreds of new backup tapes each year. The analysis also estimates that Memorial will save more than $600,000 in productivity and labor costs by automating mailbox-related tasks for end users and reducing the time IT spends remediating mailbox-related issues.

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