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Protecting Data to Provide the Best in Childhood Healthcare

October 9, 2008


Symantec saved Texas Children’s Hospital $11 million over 7 years while consolidating IT infrastructure management and improving security and disaster protection.

A leader in children’s health and medical technology

The Texas Children's Hospital in Houston employs more than 1,580 primary care physicians, pediatric specialists, and dentists. Three hundred members of a support staff of over 6,100 employees are dedicated to information technology (IT). One of the largest pediatric care facilities in the U.S., the hospital is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine. This partnership delivers the latest in medical technology, research, and patient care. The hospital employs physicians and specialists in cardiovascular disease, pediatric research, birth defects, learning disabilities, and leukemia. US News and World Report ranked Texas Children's Hospital as one of the top five pediatric facilities in the U.S.

Long term IT planning

Over the years, Texas Children's Hospital came under increasing pressure from regulatory requirements and operational demands to develop and implement a long-range plan for the management of its technology infrastructure. Working with Symantec Residency Services, the hospital’s IT professionals began by comprehensively addressing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and streamlining and strengthening security management. Next, the hospital architected and rolled out new customer service, patient record, and hospital communication tools using the expertise of Symantec Consulting Services. This project included a comprehensive PeopleSoft infrastructure deployment and a full disaster recovery and high availability solution. As a result of its seven-year IT improvements, Texas Children's Hospital now boasts centralized control over its entire enterprise IT infrastructure, as well as unparalleled delivery of customer care and customer service.
From 2001 to 2007, Texas Children's Hospital used Symantec Ghost Solution Suite to deploy and maintain server and desktop configurations. During the same period, the hospital also used Symantec Enterprise Security Manager and AntiVirus Enterprise Edition for comprehensive security and virus protection. The facility deployed the DeepSight Threat Management System to proactively secure its data and IT facilities. Veritas NetBackup consolidated data backups for the hospital across mixed server operating systems. The hospital also implemented Veritas Cluster Server, Veritas Storage Foundation, and the Veritas Cluster File System. These solutions consolidated server storage and delivered high availability, fault-tolerant systems for critical medical data throughout the hospital.

Cost savings and peace of mind

Always looking to the future, Mr. Finn found a number of key components in the hospital’s infrastructure that could be more efficiently managed, thereby cutting costs and improving productivity and performance. The Alchemy Solutions Group, using its Total Operational & Economic Impact (TOEI) methodology, calculated total business value savings from 2001 to 2007 of $11.0 million for Texas Children's Hospital. Cost reductions included the following:
  • Reduction in hours spent to remediate, resolve, and manage security netted $1.5 million in productivity gains
  • Labor savings in server provisioning and data backup totaled $3.7 million in cost avoidance
  • Backup time and troubleshooting was reduced with a savings of over $730,000 in labor costs
  • Backup restore labor reduction saved over $3.4 million
  • High availability productivity gains resulted in a savings of $3.3 million
  • PC and server provisioning costs were cut by nearly $2 million
While cost savings are imperative to the organization, system reliability and security are the highest priority. Texas Children’s Hospital upgraded to Symantec Business Critical Services in 2007 for rapid incident response and onsite support. “The level of support we get from Symantec is very impor¬tant to us because we’re in the business of patient care,” explained Rick Bryant, Director of Infrastructure Technology at the hospital. “I take my systems and my system availability very seriously. What’s acceptable downtime for another company is not acceptable for us.”
For more details about how Texas Children’s Hospital realized cost, productivity, and management benefits, read the Business Value Analysis study from the Alchemy Solutions Group here.

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