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The Power of Next-Generation IT

April 21, 2009


Energy Market Company of Singapore achieves tangible business value with a series of next-generation IT initiatives.

Power trade

Energy Market Company Pte. Ltd. is the operator of Singapore’s wholesale electricity market—the National Electricity Market of Singapore—and provides the 24×7 trading platform. Key activities of Energy Market Company include calculating prices; scheduling generation, clearing, and settling market transactions; and supporting the governance of the market. Seeking greater operational efficiencies, better service delivery, enhanced security, and lower costs, the IT Infrastructure team, led by Vice President of IT James Ng, embarked on a series of IT initiatives to deploy next-generation technology solutions.

Standardizing data protection

Technology proliferation, combined with a significant growth in trading platform transactions and underlying data, prompted Energy Market Company to embark on a series of next-generation technology deployments starting in 2005. With backup-and-restore operations scattered across several different silo-based solutions per server platform, James Ng and his team determined that they wanted to consolidate those operations onto a standard toolset. The solution would need to support the needs of the heterogeneous data center environment, while helping to promote 24×7 availability. The team eventually settled on Veritas NetBackup, which was rolled out in July 2005.

Enhanced threat management

The second issue the team addressed related to threat management. The previous solution was largely manual and needed to be automated in order to drive efficiencies and improve Energy Market Company’s security posture. Symantec Critical System Protection was chosen to proactively monitor application logs for data loss prevention. James Ng and his team also engaged Symantec Residency Services to provide an independent audit review, which includes a monthly analysis of all systems within the Energy Market Company environment.

Email management and archiving

In September 2007, the Energy Market Company team initiated two additional IT projects. The first focused on consolidating the different endpoint security technologies and processes into one standard toolset. Specifically, the team decided to upgrade from Symantec AntiVirus to Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Network Access Control Enforce 6100 appliances, thereby allowing them to integrate antivirus, firewall, device control, and antispyware into one centralized console. The purposes of the second initiative were twofold: reduce the amount of spam the company was receiving and to institute email archiving. For mail security, both incoming and outgoing email, James Ng and his team implemented Symantec Brightmail Gateway appliances. As regards to email archiving, the team rolled out Symantec Enterprise Vault with support from Symantec Consulting Services.

Measuring business value

The Alchemy Solutions Group, a third-party global management consulting firm, conducted a business value analysis of the above technology deployments—using their Total Operational & Economic Impact (TOEI) model and identified the following business value areas:
  • Backup Labor Cost Avoidance: $367,582 USD in IT labor cost avoidance through streamlined data backups despite growing data volume from July 2005 through December 2010 that equates to $5,250 USD per staff over this timeframe
  • Backup and Troubleshooting Labor Productivity Gains: $3,626 USD in IT labor pro-ductivity gains by reducing the amount of time spent managing and troubleshooting backups from July 2005 through December 2010
  • End-user Productivity Gains from Spam Reduction: $393,948 USD in IT labor pro-ductivity gains from November 2007 through December 2010 by eliminating spam before it arrives in end-user mailboxes that equates to $5,628 USD per staff over this timeframe
  • Email Storage Savings: $3,995 USD in avoided costs (realized and projected) for email storage from February 2008 through December 2010
  • Endpoint Protection Administration Productivity Gains: $18,463 USD in IT labor productivity gains through faster identification and remediation of virus or malware from February 2008 through December 2010
The above realized efficiencies have allowed the IT team to focus their resources on initiatives that add direct value to Energy Market Company and its customers.
Click here to download a free copy of the Business Value Analysis Study from The Alchemy Solutions Group.

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