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Outsourcing Leadership through Innovation

May 21, 2009


Swisscom IT Services drives storage management and data protection efficiencies while maintaining a secure messaging environment with the help of Symantec.

A service leader

Swisscom IT Services is a leading IT outsourcing provider in Switzerland. With 2,600 employees in eight locations across Switzerland, Swisscom IT Services delivers IT resources for financial, telecommunications, healthcare, and media businesses throughout Switzerland. To remain competitive, the company has built a complex and sophisticated network infrastructure. Customers rely on Swisscom IT Services’ expertise, security, and communications infrastructure to run their multi-national corporations. For these reasons, Swisscom IT Services is continually researching reliable technology innovations to keep its business ahead of the outsourcing competition and provide greater value to its customers. “Our aim is to be the number one outsourcing partner for customers in Switzerland, and we’re going to do this by continuing to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions which accurately match our customer’s business needs,” says Douglas Miles, messaging engineer for Swisscom IT Services.

Messaging security gets a charge from Brightmail

Swisscom IT Services noted a significant increase in spam across its network over the last six years. According to Johnny Raetzo, head of messaging at Swisscom IT Services, “MessageLabs indicated in its annual report of 2008 that Switzerland is the most spammed country in the world.” As a result, Swisscom IT Services requires a robust messaging security solution for eliminating the increase in spam affecting its network.
In order to address the challenges associated with messaging security across its more than 50,000 corporate email accounts, the Swisscom IT Services’ team turned to Symantec for assistance, implementing Symantec Brightmail Traffic Shaper appliances at the edge of its network and Symantec Brightmail Message Filter as a secondary mechanism. As much of the spam is stopped before it reaches the network, approximately 80 percent of all email, Swisscom IT Services is able to save on network and mail server costs—software, hardware, and maintenance.
Pascal Arnold, a system engineer professional at Swisscom IT Services cites the results: “Our statistics show that we’re catching 99.95 percent of all spam traffic. This is an amazing ratio, and I’m not sure there is another technology provider that can top this.” He goes on to explain that the elimination of spam makes client email accounts more secure, lowers system maintenance costs, and reduce email storage requirements.

Benefits of consolidating data protection

In addition to email, the company struggled with storage issues, including backup and restore of a heterogeneous server environment consisting of different operating systems and server platforms. In addition, Swisscom IT Services faced a rapidly growing storage volume that had reached 1.6 petabyte by 2009. Beyond utilization and management issues, the Swisscom IT Services’ team sought to improve IT staff productivity.
The team elected to consolidate data protection on Veritas NetBackup, which is used for backup and restore across the company’s eight data centers. NetBackup provided the scale and functionality the Swisscom IT Services team and its customers required in a data protection solution. And the results of the decision are impressive: “While our storage volume has grown more than 1,100 percent, our IT staff has only expanded by 300 percent,” reports Bruno Kocher, head of enterprise storage services at Swisscom IT Services. NetBackup gave Swisscom IT Services the ability to safeguard an ever-increasing amount of customer data with only a modest proportional increase in IT resources.

Centralized storage management yields myriad results

To help manage its vast storage environment, Swisscomm IT Services evaluated and short-listed three potential products. It ultimately chose Veritas CommandCentral Storage due to its functionality, including support for heterogeneous storage devices, coupled with positive references from other users. “With CommandCentral Storage we get a broad picture of our storage environment, and that’s of great importance to us for our day-to-day activities,” Kocher says. “We always have the latest information on links, free disk space, and the status of sub-systems without having to check the individual systems.”
CommandCentral Storage also enables the IT personnel to retrieve timely reports on storage growth as well as monitor SAN ports and switches to help maintain peak storage performance. Overall, Kocher estimates that the use of CommandCentral Storage has increased the efficiency of day-to-day operations by 20 percent.
“Veritas CommandCentral Storage allows us to achieve a better cost of storage ownership,” says Donat Kaeser, an IT professional in the storage group. “And that’s very important in helping us strengthen our competitiveness.”

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