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Deploying Software Faster with Symantec REIS

November 12, 2009


To protect its 240 endpoints, the Bank of Tampa uses a variety of Symantec solutions. To upgrade and deploy those solutions quicker, the bank turned to the Symantec Remote Expert Installation Service.
It’s an old story, played out time and again at financial institutions of all sizes.
The list of IT projects at the Bank of Tampa was dauntingly long, but the number of engineers available to do the work was small. So IT Director Joe Snyder knew he’d have to be creative.
Snyder, who joined the bank in 2003, was eager to upgrade the Bank of Tampa from Symantec AntiVirus to Symantec Endpoint Protection. But his engineers’ time was already stretched to the limit, so the upgrade languished on the to-do list.
Finally, in 2008, Snyder decided to download the upgrade himself to provide advanced threat protection for some of the bank’s Microsoft Windows Vista-based clients. It was during the actual download process that Snyder’s “ah-ha” moment occurred.
“How am I going to get this deployed?” he recalls asking himself “What else can I sacrifice to put one of my engineers on this?”
That led Snyder to contact Bayshore Technologies, a Symantec reseller partner in the Tampa area, about Symantec Remote Expert Installation Service (REIS). Within 24 hours he had two quotes in his inbox.
“When I saw how affordable the service was, it was a no-brainer,” Snyder says.
Symantec put an engineer on the case with extensive experience implementing Symantec Endpoint Protection. As a result, upgrading the bank’s 240 endpoints went much faster than anticipated.
“Using REIS, the Symantec engineer knocked out the management server piece in a day, so we just had to do the clients,” Snyder says. “It was a super positive experience.”
And Snyder was just getting started.
Next he decided to use the same REIS approach to upgrade the bank’s Symantec Backup Exec software. In just six hours the Symantec engineer had the software up and running. Using Backup Exec, the bank is maintaining a backup success rate of 99% and a recovery success rate of 100%.
Snyder is also proud of the productivity gains the Bank of Tampa realizes by implementing Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. While it once took approximately six hours to build out a typical desktop computer, with Ghost the job now takes less than 20 minutes.
Using Ghost, the bank is reducing staff time spent deploying new desktop computers by 94%, for an annual cost savings of $18,500.
“You can’t afford not to use Ghost if you’re a midsize shop like ours,” Snyder says. “If you’re not using some sort of imaging technology, you’re wasting money.”
Finally, to track its IT assets and monitor user creation and deletion, the bank is using the Service and Asset Management Suite and Service Desk. The combination of the two products enables Snyder to justify the department’s spending and show auditors the bank is following appropriate security protocols. Plus, he can demonstrate to auditors that the bank pays close attention to user creation and deletion.
So how does Snyder summarize his experience with Symantec?
“Symantec needs to shout this from the rooftops and make sure every customer knows about the Remote Expert Installation Service,” he says. “Both small and large shops can benefit, and it’s a win for everyone.”

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