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Audio Search for eDiscovery

Get Prepared to Satisfy Dodd-Frank Requirements

Symantec eDiscovery Platform, powered by Clearwell, now offers advanced audio processing, search, and review capabilities that drastically accelerate audio discovery efforts. In addition to supporting over 400 file types for electronic discovery, these new capabilities leverage a powerful phonetic engine that can index up to 20,000 hours of recorded audio per day. Whether you are investigating voicemails, call-center recordings, or financial transactions, Symantec makes it easy to find what you are looking for.
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With worldwide data volumes nearly doubling every two years, companies are working tirelessly to identify and implement the appropriate information governance polices to save time and money. Often, these programs tend to focus on cleaning up email servers and fail to take into account other unstructured data types, a potentially catastrophic oversight. As audio recording technology has advanced and storage costs have decreased, companies are preserving increasing volumes of audio data.
Additionally, recent rule changes and regulatory activity have created pressure for organizations to focus more explicitly on managing their audio recordings.
  • The 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure explicitly identify sound recordings as a type of electronically stored information that is subject to the court’s discovery requirements.
  • The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act requires trading participants to maintain daily records that include recordings of telephone calls.
With these new rules in place, companies must be prepared to handle audio discovery requests or face potential sanctions for failing to properly conduct discovery. Further, by not having the appropriate tools in place to review audio data companies could mistakenly produce privileged or non-relevant audio communications.
When determining the best approach for conducting audio discovery, users typically investigate four different options:
Type of Audio Discovery Accuracy Scalability Flexibility Timelines Cost
Manual Listening Fatigue impacts attention to detail Additional terms require multiple listens Requires reviewers who are fluent in all necessary languages It takes 4 hours to listen to 1 hour of content Cost per hour is expensive
Manual Transcription Emotional elements of voice are not present in the transcript Additional terms require multiple listens Requires reviewers who are fluent in all necessary languages Transcription services take multiple weeks to deliver Cost per hour is expensive
Speech-to-Text Transcription Recognized as insufficient in the legal community Processing requires significant time investment Lack of sophistication in technology makes multi-language transcription difficult Processing requires significant time investment Significant cost required to clean up transcript
Phonetic Search Phonetic index removes subjectivity, yielding highest-possible accuracy Powerful engine processes up to 20,000 hours of audio in one day Phonemes adapt to slang, unique speaking styles, and diverse accents Audio files can be ready to review in a matter of days Efficient indexing requires minimal resources to prepare audio content

How Phonetic Search Works

Human languages are comprised of individual words and those words are constructed of small components of sound, known as phonemes. Phonetic based-audio search technology indexes all of the phonemes in a series of audio recordings and uses a high-powered searching tool to quickly retrieve relevant audio content.
Users start the phonetic search workflow by processing audio files and automatically developing an audio search track that is comprised of all the component phonemes present in a given recording. Each track is catalogued in the time-aligned phonetic index which can be searched by reviewers.
Reviewers can search using words and phrases or they can use special operators, such as time-based proximity to other content to yield the most accurate results. The software returns relevancy-ranked results that link directly to the point in the original recording where the search term was found. This feature saves significant time as they are able to jump directly to the point in the recording containing potentially relevant terms.
Once relevant audio is identified, users can tag the files and ensure they will be produced as necessary.
The Symantec eDiscovery Platform, powered by Clearwell, brings transparency and control to the electronic discovery process. From collection to production, our workflow speeds time to resolution, improves accuracy and lowers costs. With better insight and less complexity, the eDiscovery Platform enables you to focus on strategy and create business value.
Audio search is now seamlessly integrated within the eDiscovery Platform’s Processing & Analysis and Review & Production modules. License activation provides customers with immediate access to the following benefits:
  • Reduce audio review costs by up to 80% when compared to traditional transcription methods
  • Process up to 20,000 hours of audio per day
  • Filter search results by confidence score to eliminate review of non-relevant recordings
  • Jump directly to relevant content to save time from combing through extraneous material
Whether you are looking to quickly respond to a regulatory request or are proactively preparing for new requirements mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act, the Symantec eDiscovery Platform ensures that you can easily find what you are looking for.

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