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spacer Volume 2, Issue 4 - April 1, 1997
The Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC) is committed to providing swift, global responses to computer virus threats, proactively researching and developing technologies that eliminate such threats and educating the public on safe computing practices.

Highlights Table of Contents

SARC Newsletter Goes Electronic

The monthly SARC AntiVirus News Update is now available by public list-serve, free to all Symantec customers! The newsletter gives you all the information you need about computer viruses—how to protect yourself against virus threats, and how the latest technologies are being developed by Symantec and the Symantec AntiVirus Research Center (SARC).

If you subscribe to the newsletter you will also receive SARC Advisories on critical virus outbreaks. Symantec will notify you when special virus definition sets have been published and tell you how to retrieve them.

Those interested can subscribe to the electronic newsletter from the SARC web site at:

This issue focuses on the inline (patch) releases of Norton AntiVirus (NAV) and Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh (SAM). We strongly encourage you to use the latest product updates. It’s the only way to ensure compatibility with the latest virus protection offered by Symantec and SARC.

Current AntiVirus Products

The Symantec AntiVirus solution includes the following line-up of currently available products:
  • DOS/Windows 3.1—NAV 3.0, revision 3.10
  • Windows 95—NAV 95 1.0, revision 95.0b
  • Windows 95—NAV 95 2.0, revision 2.01
  • Windows NT—NAV NT 2.0, revision 2.01
  • Novell—NAV 2.0 NetWare, revision 2.04
  • Netscape—NAV Internet, revision 1.00
  • Macintosh/Power Macintosh—SAM, revision 4.0.8
  • Macintosh/Power Macintosh—SAM, revision 4.51
You can get the latest updates through any of the following online services:
  • CompuServe:

  • Microsoft Network (Windows 95 products only):

  • America Online:
    Keyword: SYMANTEC

  • Symantec World Wide Web site:

  • Symantec FTP or BBS (28.8 baud):
    (541) 484-6669 and (541) 984-5366

If you don’t have electronic access, you can contact our Customer Service at (800) 441-7234 and order a disk set for $12 (to cover shipping and handling only).

April Virus Update Available Now!

The April 1997 virus definition set fully supports Word and Excel for Microsoft Office 97 with detection and repair. How can you keep your software safe from the latest macro, file, and boot sector viruses? Just run 04NAV97a.EXE or click your LiveUpdate button to obtain this support.

Latest Inline Releases

Following is a summary of the changes made in the current product updates. These inline releases give you the latest virus protection available from SARC.

Norton AntiVirus 3.10

  • Lowers minimum requirements of DOS conventional memory to 250k, through the use of DOS extender technology.
  • Now requires only 1.5MB XMS memory, again through the use of DOS extender technology.
  • Extends the life expectancy of the NAV definition engines to July 1998*.
An online, downloadable patcher is available.

Norton AntiVirus for Windows 95.0b

  • Adds support for Microsoft Service Pack 2 (FAT 32/large volumes).
  • Lowers minimum requirements of DOS component (NAVBoot) conventional memory to 250k, using DOS extender technology.
  • DOS component (NAVBoot) now requires only 1.5MB XMS memory, using DOS extender technology.
  • Extends the life expectancy of the NAV definition engines to July 1998*.
An online, downloadable patcher is available. We strongly recommend a full upgrade to NAV 2.0 for Windows 95.

Norton AntiVirus 2.01 for Windows 95

  • Adds password protection to the Options dialog box.
  • Adds network alerting from AutoProtect and scanner.

Norton AntiVirus 2.01 for Windows NT

Most development work on this product release concentrates on enhancing the alerting and distribution features.
  • Enhances Messenger service alerting capabilities.
  • Adds relay alerting capability.
  • Adds SMTP E-mail alert capability.
  • Enhances Norton AntiVirus NetWare alerting.
  • Adds product distribution, option and definition rollout support.
  • Adds LiveUpdate Administrator tool for Intranet use.
  • Adds password support for options.
  • Adds support for DOS-based repair of infected NTFS boot records.

Norton AntiVirus 2.04 for NetWare

  • No longer creates the Norton AntiVirus Server Object within the context in which the server is located. Nor does it locate the object from within that container for authentication purposes. It now uses a single object per container with the [Root] container used as the default for all NDS installations.
  • The Windows Install program only requires Supervisor rights to [Root] for the first installation. This extends the schema and creates the Norton AntiVirus Server Object in the Organization container with Supervisor rights to [Root]. Subsequent installations will skip the schema extension and object creation processes entirely.
  • An administrator may specify the container where NAVNLM will look for the Norton AntiVirus Server Object (and create it there if necessary).
  • Adds snap-in modules for NetWare 4.11 NWAdmin utilities.

Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh 4.08

  • Improves handling of memory allocation for data fork scanning.
  • Changes Word Macro definitions to use the latest scan and repair functions.
  • Extends the life expectancy of the definition engines to October 1, 1997*.
An online, downloadable patcher is available.

Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh 4.51

  • Increases scanning speed of applications with large data forks.
  • Allows you to scan Word and Excel documents regardless of file type.
  • Adds balloon help to SAM in SAM Administrator packages.
  • Extends the life expectancy of the definition engines to an indefinite date*.

* All dates are subject to change based upon the latest testing results and technology updates.

In The Wild

In each issue of the SARC AntiVirus News Update, we profile a few viruses known to be in free distribution among the general public ("in the wild"). You can access the complete Joe Wells Wild List on the SARC Web site at:

Most Frequently Reported Viruses

Following is a list of the top reported viruses, as published in Joe Wells’ Wild List last February:
  1. Form.A
  2. WM.Concept.A
  3. One_Half.3544
  4. AntiEXE.A
  5. Empire.Monkey.B
  6. Junkie.1027
  7. Parity_Boot.B
  8. Ripper
  9. AntiCMOS.A
  10. Natas.4744
  11. NYB
  12. Die_Hard
  13. Boot-437
  14. Sampo
  15. Stoned.Angelina.A
  16. Michelangelo.A
  17. Kampana.A
  18. Stoned.No_INT.A
  19. WM.Wazzu.A
  20. Tai-Pan.438

SARC Technology Update

Macro Virus Protection Additions

Protection for the following macro viruses has been added to the April virus definition update:

  • WM.Alien.C
  • WM.AntiConcept.A1
  • WM.Appder.B
  • WM.Appder.C
  • WM.Baby.A
  • WM.Bandung.K
  • WM.Bandung.L
  • WM.Bandung.M
  • WM.Bandung.N
  • WM.Bandung.O
  • WM.Box.B:Tw
  • WM.Cap (Damaged)
  • WM.Cap.B
  • WM.Clock.E
  • WM.Clock.F:De
  • WM.Colors.B Remnant
  • WM.Colors.H
  • WM.Colors.J
  • WM.Colors.K
  • WM.Colors.L
  • WM.Colors.M
  • WM.Colors.N
  • WM.Colors.O
  • WM.Colors.P
  • WM.Colors.Q
  • WM.Colors.R
  • WM.Colors.S
  • WM.Colors.T
  • WM.Colors.U
  • WM.Colors.V
  • WM.Colors.W
  • WM.Concept (Damaged)
  • WM.Concept Remnant
  • WM.Concept.AA
  • WM.Concept.R
  • WM.Divina.D
  • WM.Doggie.B
  • WM.DZT.B
  • WM.Eraser.A:Tw
  • WM.Eraser.B:Tw
  • WM.Eraser.C:Tw
  • WM.Eraser.D:Tw
  • WM.Fire.A:De
  • WM.Gable
  • WM.Hybrid.B
  • WM.Irish.D
  • WM.Irish.E
  • WM.Johnny.C
  • WM.Kerrang
  • WM.KillProt.A
  • WM.Look.A:Tw
  • WM.Look.D:Tw
  • WM.Mind.A
  • WM.Minimal.D
  • WM.Muck.A
  • WM.Muck.B
  • WM.Muck.C
  • WM.Niceday.C
  • WM.No-F.A
  • WM.Nomvir.A:De
  • WM.Nomvir.B:De
  • WM.NOP.E
  • WM.Npad.AB
  • WM.Npad.N
  • WM.Npad.R
  • WM.Npad.S
  • WM.Npad.T
  • WM.Npad.U
  • WM.Npad.V
  • WM.Npad.W
  • WM.Npad.X
  • WM.Npad.Y
  • WM.Npad.Z
  • WM.Nuclear.G
  • WM.Nuclear.H
  • WM.Phardera.C
  • WM.Phardera.D
  • WM.Rapi.I
  • WM.Rapi.I1
  • WM.Rapi.I2
  • WM.Rapi.J1
  • WM.Rapi.L
  • WM.Rapi.L1
  • WM.Rapi.L2
  • WM.Rapi.N
  • WM.Rapi.N1
  • WM.Rapi.N2
  • WM.Rapi.O
  • WM.Rapi.O1
  • WM.Rapi.O2
  • WM.Rapi.P
  • WM.Rapi.Q1
  • WM.Rapi.Q2
  • WM.ShowOff.E
  • WM.ShowOff.F
  • WM.ShowOff.G
  • WM.ShowOff.H
  • WM.ShowOff.I
  • WM.ShowOff.J
  • WM.ShowOff.L
  • WM.Smiley.A:De
  • WM.Snickers.A
  • WM.Theatre.B
  • WM.Theatre.C:Tw
  • WM.TWNO.K:Tw
  • WM.TwoLines.C
  • WM.VH1
  • WM.VH1.A
  • WM.Wazzu.AF
  • WM.Wazzu.AP
  • WM.Wazzu.AQ
  • WM.Wazzu.AR
  • WM.Wazzu.AS
  • WM.Wazzu.AT
  • WM.Wazzu.AV
  • WM.Wazzu.AW
  • WM.Wazzu.AX
  • WM.Wazzu.AY
  • WM.Wazzu.AZ
  • WM.Wazzu.BA
  • WM.Wazzu.BB
  • WM.Wazzu.BE
  • WM.Wazzu.BG
  • WM.Wazzu.BH
  • WM.Wazzu.M
  • WM.Wazzu.N
  • WM.Wazzu.P
  • WM.Weather.A:Tw
  • WM.Weather.D:Tw
  • WM.Why
  • XM.Legend.A
  • XM.Robocop.A
  • Editor: Alex Haddox, Product Manager, Symantec AntiVirus Research Center

    Address all correspondence to:
    Symantec Corporation
    AntiVirus Research Center
    attn.: AntiVirus News Update
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    SARC AntiVirus News Update is published monthly by Symantec Corporation. Copyright © 1997 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. No Reprint without Permission in writing, in advance.

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