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March 9, 2004
Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 Vulnerability Updates


Download the cumulative Symantec Vulnerability Assessment Release Notes (PDF)


This content update for Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 detects and reports 26 additional vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability updates can be downloaded only by using the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0.

New Vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name
9743		Microsoft ASN.1 Library Multiple Stack-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
8262		Microsoft DirectShow MIDI Filetype Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
9761		Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross-Domain Event Leakage Vulnerability
5610		Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Same Origin Policy Violation Vulnerability
5672		Microsoft Internet Explorer IFrame/Frame Cross-Site/Zone Script Execution Vulnerability
6217		Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Tag Temporary Internet File Folder Vulnerability
6216		Microsoft Internet Explorer PNG Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
2963		Microsoft Internet Explorer Unauthorized Document Object Model Access Vulnerability
9769		Microsoft Internet Explorer window.open Media Bar Cross-Zone Scripting Vulnerability
9828		Microsoft MSN Messenger Information Disclosure Vulnerability
9827		Microsoft Outlook Mailto Parameter Quoting Zone Bypass Vulnerability
9825		Microsoft Windows Media Services Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
9707		Microsoft Windows XP explorer.exe Multiple Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities
9747		Mozilla Browser Zombie Document Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
1298		Multiple Vendor xterm (and derivatives) Denial of Service Vulnerability
9759		Sun Solaris conv_fix Unspecified File Overwrite Vulnerability
9757		Sun Solaris Unspecified Passwd Local Root Compromise Vulnerability
326		X11R6 3.3.3 Symlink Vulnerability
2985		XDM Session Cookie Guessing Vulnerability
3965		XFree86 4.1.0 Missing authDir Unauthorized xdm Connection Vulnerability
3657		XFree86 fbglyph Denial of Service Vulnerability
9636		XFree86 Font Information File Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
8682		XFree86 XLOCALEDIR Buffer Overflow Variant Vulnerability
7002		XFree86 XLOCALEDIR Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
3030		XMan ManPath Environment Variable Buffer Overflow
3663		XTerm Title Bar Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

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