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June 4, 2004
Symantec ManHunt 3.0 Security Update 24


This security update requires Symantec ManHunt Engine Update 1 be installed first. Click here for Symantec ManHunt Engine Update 1.

Security Updates are cumulative. Please download Security Update 25 for the latest coverage.


Security Update 24 provides coverage for the following (in conjunction with what has already been released in previous security updates):

  • AOL Instant Messenger File Transfer
  • AOL Instant Messenger Login
  • AOL Instant Messenger Remote Buffer Overflow
  • AOL Instant Messenger External App Request BO
  • DNS Zone Transfer Query (UPDATED)
  • Hping2 Remote Scan (UPDATED)
  • HTTP VulnXML Attack Tool
  • ICMP Host Redirect (UPDATED)
  • ICMP Net Redirect (UPDATED)
  • ICMP Source Quench Request (UPDATED)
  • ICMP Traceroute Activity (UPDATED)
  • IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnel (UPDATED)
  • MSN Messenger Login Attempt (UPDATED)
  • Nemesis DNS Scan
  • Nemesis ICMP Scan (UPDATED)
  • Nessus Vulnerability Scan (UPDATED)
  • P2P Blubster Download Setup
  • P2P eMule Hello
  • P2P Gator Spyware
  • P2P Gnutella Bearshare Connection
  • P2P Gnutella Connection
  • P2P Gnutella Morpheus Connection
  • P2P Kazaa Connection
  • RPC Portmap mountd Query (UPDATED)
  • RPC Portmap Request rexd (UPDATED)
  • RPC Portmap statd Query (UPDATED)
  • RPC Portmapper CALLIT Mount Call
  • RPC Portmapper DUMP Call
  • RPC Portmapper GETPORT Call
  • RPC Portmapper SET Call
  • RPC Portmapper UNSET Call
  • RPC ToolTalk Portmapper Request (UPDATED)
  • SNMP Cisco Community String
  • SNMP Default Community String
  • SuperScan 4.0 ICMP ECHO Scan (UPDATED)
  • Suspicious Traffic - IP Protocol 103 (PIM) (UPDATED)
  • Suspicious Traffic - IP Protocol 53 (SWIPE) (UPDATED)
  • Suspicious Traffic - IP Protocol 55 (IP Mobility) (UPDATED)
  • Suspicious Traffic - IP Protocol 77 (Sun ND) (UPDATED)
  • SPIKE Web Proxy
  • Whisker/Libwhisker Scan (UPDATED)
  • XProbe2 Scan (UPDATED)

For more detailed content information, please refer to the Symantec ManHunt Event Reference Guide, available on the Symantec ManHunt 3.0.x Product Manuals page.

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