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August 19, 2004
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series Engine Update 1

Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

Note: Symantec recommends installing Patch 1 before installing Engine Update 1 and Signature Update 1. Both Engine Update 1 and Signature Update 1 must be installed on the appliance. Symantec does not support Patch 1 and Engine Update 1 separately.

For information on LiveUpdate, see Administration Guide


Engine Update 1 fixes bugs that triggered false positive alerts, provides detection enhancements and incorporates a number of event description changes. A full description and examples are listed in the Readme.

Readme describing what has changed in Symantec Network Security Engine Update 1

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Note: For more information regarding this update, see vendor website. To protect your system, download Windows Patch KB870669.

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