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2 November 2004
Symantec Enterprise Security Manager™ 6.0.1 Console LiveUpdate History Fix

This ESM Console 6.0.1 LU History Fix is an update to the Symantec ESM 6.0.1 Enterprise Console.

Previously, when running the Symantec ESM 6.0.1Enterprise Console and LiveUpdate occurred, a download history was not preserved. With this fix, a history of downloads via LiveUpdate is maintained so that the same package is not downloaded multiple times.

  • After December 2004, new content downloads will no longer be posted to the Symantec Security Response web site. Content downloads will be available through the following:
    • Symantec LiveUpdate
    • Symantec FileConnect web site
    • Symantec Platinum Support web site
    • Symantec ESM point release CDs (to users with content licensing)
  • Content advisories, release notes, and documentation will still be posted on the Symantec Security Response web site. However, after December 2004, executables and other binaries will be removed from the Security Response web site.
  • You must deploy at least one Symantec ESM 6.0.1 console in your enterprise to use content licensing.
  • Your Symantec ESM 5.5 and 6.0 consoles are both being upgraded to 6.0.1 via LiveUpdate with this program update.
  • For information about obtaining a license, license requirements, and elements of content updates see the Symantec ESM 6.1 Quick Start documentation.
    Download the Symantec ESM 6.1 Licensing Quick Start document
  • Symantec ESM content and security updates do not include Symantec ESM manager, agent and console updates.

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