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December 29, 2004
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series Security Update 7


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide

Security Update 7 provides coverage for the following recently announced security vulnerabilities:

  • HTTP MSIE Help CTRL Local Zone Bypass
  • HTTP PHPBB URL Decode SQL Injection
  • MS LoadImage API Integer Overflow

Security Update 7 also provides improved coverage for the following threats:

  • Alcarys Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Aliz Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Apost Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • BD Latinus 1.2 (Updated)
  • Brid A Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • DNS Zone Transfer Query (Updated)
  • Frethem L Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Gaobot Autostart and Service Commands (Updated)
  • Gaobot Generic Bot Commands (Updated)
  • Gaobot Redirect Commands (Updated)
  • Gaobot Variable Config Commands (Updated)
  • Goner A Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • HTTP Cross Site Scripting (Javascript) (Updated)
  • HTTP FrontPage PWD Service Access (Updated)
  • HTTP IIS ISAPI Printer BO (Updated)
  • HTTP IIS WebDAV PROPFIND Overflow (Updated)
  • HTTP IIS Welchia WebDAV SEARCH BO (2) (Updated)
  • HTTP MDAC Component Query (Updated)
  • HTTP MS IIS SQL Hit Disclosure (Updated)
  • HTTP MSIE ADODB Stream SavetoFile (Updated)
  • HTTP PHP Nuke ConfigFile Request (Updated)
  • HTTP SGI InfoSearch fname Exec (Updated)
  • ICQ Guestbook DoS Long Name (Updated)
  • Kazaa File Request (Updated)
  • Klez H Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Lirva C Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Maldal C Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Microsoft Media Services Overflow (Updated)
  • MS DHCP MAC Exec DoS (Updated)
  • MS Jet Remote Code Execution (Updated)
  • MS Windows GDI+ JPEG Overflow (P2P) (Updated)
  • MS Windows GDI+ JPEG Overflow (SMB) (Updated)
  • MS Windows H.323 Buffer Overflow (1) (Updated)
  • MS Windows H.323 Buffer Overflow (2) (Updated)
  • MS WINS Replication Protocol Remote BO (Updated)
  • MSRPC Explorer MapShare BO (Updated)
  • Mybabypic Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Mylife J Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • NETBIOS NULL Session Attempt (Updated)
  • P2P Blubster Download Setup (Updated)
  • Phatbot OS Shutdown Commands (Updated)
  • Phatbot Process Control Commands (Updated)
  • Phatbot Scan Commands (Updated)
  • PHP CGI Overflow (Updated)
  • R(X)BOT Add Advanced-Scan Commands (Updated)
  • R(X)BOT Advanced-Scan Commands (Updated)
  • R(X)BOT Bot Scan Commands (Updated)
  • R(X)Bot Clone Commands (Updated)
  • R(X)Bot DDOS Commands (Updated)
  • R(X)BOT Keylog Commands (Updated)
  • R(X)BOT Videocapture Commands (Updated)
  • Redesi B Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Shoho Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • Sircam Worm Propagation (Updated)
  • SMB Request Buffer Overflow (Updated)
  • SMTP Sendmail Header Overflow (Updated)
  • UDP Ascend Reboot DoS (Updated)
  • Whisker/Libwhisker Scan (2) (Updated)
  • Yaha Worm Propagation (Updated)

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