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January 24, 2005
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series Security Update 8


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide

Security Update 8 provides coverage for the following Security Risks:

  • WhenU ClockSync WeatherCast Activity
  • WhenU Installation Activity
  • WhenU Update Events
  • WhenU Request For Offers
  • WhenU SearchBar Sidefinder Activity
  • Hotbar Reports Activity
  • Hotbar Installation & Upgrade Activity
  • Hotbar Temp & Toolbar Disp Activity
  • Hotbar Updates Activity
  • Hotbar Info Transfer For PopUp Ads
  • Hotbar PopUp Ads Request
  • Hotbar Cookie Detected
  • 180Solutions Configuration Event
  • 180Solutions Requesting Keywords
  • 180Solutions Requesting Ads
  • 180Solutions Tracking Events
  • 180Solutions Requesting Action URL
  • 180Solutions Update
  • Euniverse FlowGoBar Config Request
  • Euniverse Flowgo Ping Request
  • Euniverse KeenValue Info Transfer
  • Euniverse Keenvalue PopUp Request
  • Euniverse Thunderdownload Installation
  • Euniverse Thunderdownload Activity
  • Cydoor Media Files Request
  • Marketscore Config Request
  • Marketscore ProxyServer Certificate
  • Gator New Code Info Request
  • Gator Communication
  • Gator Website Visit Data Request
  • Gator Reporting Typed URL
  • Gator Reporting Typed URL (2)
  • Gator Web Cookie

Security Update 8 also provides new and improved coverage for the following risks:

  • Erkez B Worm Propagation Vulnerability
  • MSSQL StackOverflow (Updated)
  • HTTP CGI Count Request (Updated)
  • P2P BitTorrent Request (Updated)
  • W32 Nimda Share Propagation 1 (Updated)
  • MS Windows GDI+ JPEG Overflow (HTTP) (Updated)
  • MSRPC Explorer MapShare BO (Updated)
  • MS LoadImage API Integer Overflow (Updated)

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