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February 3, 2005
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series Security Update 9


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide

Security Update 9 provides coverage for the following Security Risks:

  • 180Solutions Update (Updated)
  • Avres Activity
  • BD Oblivion 0.1 (Updated)
  • Binet Information Upload
  • Binet Installation Activity
  • Delfin Activity
  • Delfin Ads Request
  • Delfin Definition File Request
  • Ezula Upgrade & Version Check
  • FTP Generic Command Overflow
  • Gator Request (Updated)
  • HTTP 3Com SuperStack Info Disclosure
  • HTTP 404 Path Disclosure
  • HTTP AOL Server Default Login
  • HTTP Apache ServStatus Info Disclosure
  • HTTP Basilix Webmail FilePerm Attempt
  • HTTP CGI Recurs BB HostSvc SH Attempt
  • HTTP CGI Recursion (CGIForum)
  • HTTP CGI Recursion ANS PL
  • HTTP IIS ISAPI Extension (Code Red) (Updated)
  • HTTP Java BBoard Example FileExec
  • HTTP MS FrontPage SmartHTML DoS (Updated)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (Achievo)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (B2 Cafe)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (CuteNews)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (DCP Portal)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (AWOL)
  • ISTBar Agent Activity
  • ISTBar Configuration Request
  • ISTBar Fav Menu Porn Site Request
  • MS Jet Remote Code Execution (Updated)
  • MS LoadImage API Integer Overflow (Updated)
  • MS MediaPlayer Skin File Code Execution (Updated)
  • MS Shell File Download Ext. Misrep. (Updated)
  • MS Windows GDI+ JPEG Overflow (HTTP) (Updated)
  • MS Workstation Svc Alt Name BO (1) (Updated)
  • MS Workstation Svc NetVal BO (1) (Updated)
  • MXTarget Information Upload
  • MyWay Buttons Request
  • MyWay Configuration Request
  • NetOptimizer Agent Upload
  • NTPD Field Value Buffer Overflow (Updated)
  • P2P BitTorrent Request (Updated)
  • Topmoxie Recoding Downloads & Offers
  • TopMoxie Requesting Build Files
  • Veritas Backup Exec Hostname BO
  • W32 Beagle A Worm Backdoor (Updated)
  • W32 Beagle B Worm Backdoor (Updated)
  • W32 Nimda Share Propagation 1 (Updated)
  • Whisker/Libwhisker Scan (1) (Updated)

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