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February 10, 2005
Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 Vulnerability Updates


Download the cumulative Symantec Vulnerability Assessment Release Notes (PDF)


This rapid response update for Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 detects and reports 18 additional vulnerabilities and 5 updated vulnerabilities.

Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 to download this vulnerability update.

Additional vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name              

12308		Apache Utilities Insecure Temporary File Creation Vulnerability
12427		Microsoft Internet Explorer AddChannel Cross-Zone Scripting Vulnerability
12475		Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Method Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12294		Microsoft Internet Explorer Remote Information Disclosure Vulnerability
12477		Microsoft Internet Explorer Unspecified ActiveX Image Control Vulnerability
12473		Microsoft Internet Explorer URI Decoding Vulnerability
12480		Microsoft Office XP HTML Link Processing Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12488		Microsoft OLE Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12483		Microsoft Windows COM Structured Storage Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
12479		Microsoft Windows Hyperlink Object Library Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12481		Microsoft Windows License Logging Service Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12485		Microsoft Windows Media Player Remote PNG Image Format Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12486		Microsoft Windows Named Pipe Remote Information Disclosure Vulnerability
12484		Microsoft Windows Server Message Block Handlers Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
12407		Multiple Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird Vulnerabilities
12331		Netscape Navigator Infinite Array Sort Denial of Service Vulnerability
12311		RealNetworks RealOne Player And RealPlayer ShowPreferences Action Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
12385		Sun Solaris UDP Processing Local Denial Of Service Vulnerability

Updated vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name
10973 Microsoft Internet Explorer Implicit Drag and Drop File Installation Vulnerability 9108 Microsoft Internet Explorer Method Caching Mouse Click Event Hijacking Vulnerability 11466 Microsoft Internet Explorer Valid File Drag and Drop Embedded Code Vulnerability 11950 Microsoft Windows DHTML Edit Control Script Injection Vulnerability 10517 Multiple Browser URI Obfuscation Weakness

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