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April 4, 2005
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series / 4.0 Security Update 13


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide: [ 7100 Series | 4.0 ]

Security Update 13 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HP Instant TopTools Denial Of Service
  • HTTP Annex Ping CGI BO
  • HTTP Apache ASP Example Script
  • HTTP Apache Illegal Chars File Discl.
  • HTTP Auktion CGI Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP BB Hist CGI Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP Bytes shopper.cgi Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP CGIEmail BO
  • HTTP Cisco DSL Routher DoS
  • HTTP HappyMall Cmd Exec
  • HTTP Home Free Dir Traversal
  • HTTP Hosting Controller Dir Traversal
  • HTTP ht://Dig Config File Include
  • HTTP Hyperseek 2000 Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP iCat carbo.dll Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP Remote File Inc BlNews
  • HTTP Remote File Include Basilix
  • HTTP textcounter.pl Cmd Execution
  • HTTP TextPortal Default User/Password
  • HTTP Tomcat ServletPath Info Disclosure
  • HTTP Truegalerie Unauth Admin Access
  • HTTP web_store.cgi Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP WebLogic File Disclosure
  • Microsoft Word HyperlinkExt BO
  • Tarantella TTAWebTop.CGI
  • Telnet Cayman Routher BO
  • ttCMS / ttForum Remote File Include

Security Update 13 also provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Basilix Webmail FilePerm Attempt
  • HTTP Etheni File Include
  • HTTP File Parsing
  • HTTP Gallery File Include
  • HTTP IIS ISAPI Extension (Code Red)
  • HTTP IIS Welchia WebDAV SEARCH BO (2)
  • HTTP Kietu File Include
  • HTTP MDAC Component Query
  • HTTP PHP CGI Overflow
  • HTTP PHP Nuke ConfigFile Request
  • HTTP Remote File Inc. Invision Board
  • HTTP Remote File Include (AWOL)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (B2 Cafe)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (CuteNews)
  • HTTP Remote File Include (DCP Portal)
  • HTTP Remote File Include IdeaBox
  • HTTP SCO Skunkware ViewSrc Traversal
  • HTTP SGI InfoSearch fname Exec
  • HTTP ttCMS News hdr.php File Inclusion
  • HTTP Webchat defines.php File Include
  • HTTP Wordpress PHP File Include
  • HTTP Zentrack Index.php File Include
  • ICQ Guestbook DoS Long Name
  • MS Jet Remote Code Execution
  • MSRPC Explorer MapShare BO
  • MSSQL LongRequest Hello BO
  • MSSQL PacketResolution DoS
  • Webfroot Shoutbox Remote File Include
  • Yahoo Conference Login
  • Yahoo IM Conference Invite
  • Yahoo IM File Transfer
  • Yahoo Instant Message Activity
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger Login
  • Yahoo Ping

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