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August 9, 2005
Symantec ESM 6.5 Network Assessment Security Updates


Download the cumulative Symantec ESM Network Assessment Release Notes (PDF)


This update for Symantec ESM Network Assessment detects and reports 49 additional vulnerabilities.

Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Enterprise Security Manager to download this Security Update

Additional vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name
857		Sendmail Aliases Database Regeneration Vulnerability
904		Sendmail ETRN Denial of Service Vulnerability
924		Microsoft Exchange Server AUTH / XAUTH / AUTHINFO DoS Vulnerabilities
1044		Microsoft Windows AEDEBUG Registry Key Vulnerability
1146		Sendmail mail.local Vulnerabilities
2794		Sendmail Unsafe Signal Handling Race Condition Vulnerability
2909		Microsoft IIS Unicode .asp Source Code Disclosure Vulnerability
3378		Sendmail Queue Processing Data Loss/DoS Vulnerability
3421		Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTP Request Encoding Vulnerability
3578		Microsoft Internet Explorer Arbitrary File Execution Vulnerability
3721		Microsoft IE Same Origin Policy Violation Vulnerability
3867		Microsoft Internet Explorer Arbitrary Program Execution Vulnerability
4082		Microsoft Internet Explorer Forced Script Execution Vulnerability
4752		Microsoft Internet Explorer Content-Disposition Handling File Execution Vulnerability
4753		Microsoft Internet Explorer Zone Spoofing Vulnerability
4822		Sendmail File Locking Denial Of Service Vulnerability
6535		Multiple Vendor Network Device Driver Frame Padding Information Disclosure Vulnerability
6548		Sendmail check_relay Access Bypassing Vulnerability
6991		Sendmail Header Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
7230		Sendmail Address Prescan Memory Corruption Vulnerability
8234		Microsoft Windows RPCSS DCOM Interface Denial of Service Vulnerability
8458		Microsoft RPCSS DCERPC DCOM Object Activation Packet Length Heap Corruption Vulnerability
8459		Microsoft RPCSS DCOM Interface Long Filename Heap Corruption Vulnerability
8641		Sendmail Prescan() Variant Remote Buffer Overrun Vulnerability
8649		Sendmail Ruleset Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
9105		Microsoft Outlook Express MHTML Forced File Execution Vulnerability
9107		Microsoft Outlook Express MHTML Redirection Local File Parsing Vulnerability
9182		Multiple Browser URI Display Obfuscation Weakness
9510		Microsoft Windows Shell CLSID File Extension Misrepresentation Vulnerability
9624		Microsoft Windows Internet Naming Service Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
9633		Microsoft ASN.1 Library Length Integer Mishandling Memory Corruption Vulnerability
9635		Microsoft Windows ASN.1 Library Bit String Processing Integer Handling Vulnerability
9658		Microsoft Internet Explorer ITS Protocol Zone Bypass Vulnerability
9930		Apache Error Log Escape Sequence Injection Vulnerability
10705		Microsoft Windows HTML Help Heap Overflow Vulnerability
11365		Microsoft Windows Kernel Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
14087		Microsoft Internet Explorer Javaprxy.DLL COM Object Instantiation Heap Overflow Vulnerability
14214		Microsoft Windows Color Management Module ICC Profile Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
13940		Multiple Vendor Telnet Client Remote Information Disclosure Vulnerability
13948		Microsoft Agent Trusted Content Spoofing Vulnerability
13951		Microsoft Outlook Express NNTP Response Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
13952		Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access HTML Injection Vulnerability
13953		Microsoft Windows HTML Help Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
13941		Microsoft Internet Explorer PNG Image Rendering Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
13943		Microsoft Internet Explorer XML Redirect Information Disclosure Vulnerability
13946		Microsoft Internet Explorer Unspecified DigWebX ActiveX Control Vulnerability
13947		Microsoft Internet Explorer Unspecified GIF And BMP Denial Of Service Vulnerability
13950		Microsoft Windows Web Client Service Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
13942		Microsoft Incoming SMB Packet Validation Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

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