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October 11, 2005
Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 Vulnerability Updates


Download the cumulative Symantec Vulnerability Assessment Release Notes (PDF)


This update for Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 detects and reports 16 additional vulnerabilities and 3 updated vulnerabilities.

Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 to download this vulnerability update.

Additional vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name
14959		IBM AIX Getconf Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
15067		Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
15063		Microsoft DirectX DirectShow AVI Processing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
15061		Microsoft Internet Explorer COM Object Instantiation Variant Vulnerability
14969		Microsoft Internet Explorer XmlHttpRequest Parameter Validation Weakness
15057		Microsoft MSDTC COM+ Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
15058		Microsoft MSDTC TIP Denial Of Service Vulnerability
15059		Microsoft MSDTC TIP Distributed Denial Of Service Vulnerability
15066		Microsoft Windows Client Service For Netware Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
15064		Microsoft Windows Explorer Web View Script Injection Vulnerability
15069		Microsoft Windows Malicious Shortcut Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
15070		Microsoft Windows Malicious Shortcut Handling Remote Code Execution Variant Vulnerability
15056		Microsoft Windows MSDTC Memory Corruption Vulnerability
15065		Microsoft Windows Plug And Play UMPNPMGR.DLL wsprintfW Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
14963		OpenSSH LoginGraceTime Remote Denial Of Service Vulnerability
14949		Sun Solaris Xsun and Xprt Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Updated vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name
14594		Microsoft Visual Studio .NET msdds.dll Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
14260		Microsoft Windows Network Connections Manager Library Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
12160		Microsoft Windows FTP Client Directory Traversal Vulnerability

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