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January 20, 2006
Symantec ManHunt 3.0 Security Update 52


This security update requires Symantec ManHunt Engine Update 1 be installed first. Click here for Symantec ManHunt Engine Update 1.

Please download Security Update 53 for the latest coverage.


Security Update 52 provides coverage for the following (in conjunction with what has already been released in previous security updates):

  • HTTP Technote Parameter File Disclosure
  • HTTP web_store.cgi Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP Microburst uStorekeeper Cmd Exec

For more detailed content information, please refer to the Symantec ManHunt Event Reference Guide, available on the Symantec ManHunt 3.0.x Product Manuals page.

Initial Post on: Friday, 20-Jan-06 15:50:00
Last modified on: Monday, 20-Mar-06 11:31:26