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June 20, 2005
Norton AntiVirus & Norton Internet Security - Security Update 2


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Norton AntiVirus/Norton Internet Security to download the security update.

Security Update 2 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats

  • AOL IM Game Request Buffer Overflow
  • BD BackOrifice 2000 Activity
  • BD BackOrifice 2000 UDP Activity
  • BD Connection
  • BD Host Control 2.5
  • DNS NXT Buffer Overflow
  • FTP Pathname Glob BufferOverflow
  • Gopherd GSisText Buffer Overflow
  • HTTP Cart32 Remote Admin PW
  • HTTP Cisco VoIP DoS
  • HTTP File Parsing
  • HTTP Hylafax Faxsurvey Remote PW Access
  • HTTP IIS ISAPI Extension (Code Red)
  • HTTP IIS SHTML Request
  • HTTP IIS Welchia WebDAV SEARCH BO (2)
  • HTTP MDAC Component Query
  • HTTP MS FrontPage SmartHTML DoS
  • HTTP MS IIS Showcode ASP Request
  • HTTP PHP CGI Overflow
  • HTTP PHP Nuke ConfigFile Request
  • HTTP SCO Skunkware ViewSrc Traversal
  • HTTP SGI InfoSearch fname Exec
  • HTTP WEBGais Remote Command Exec
  • ICQ Guestbook DoS Long Name
  • MS DCOM RPC BO (1)
  • MS DCOM RPC BO (2)
  • MS DCOM RPC BO (3)
  • MS DCOM RPC BO (4)
  • MS DCOM RPC BO (5)
  • MS DCOM RPC Heap Buffer Overflow (1)
  • MS DCOM RPC Heap Buffer Overflow (2)
  • MS IE Install Engine Ctl. Heap Overflow
  • MS Media Services Overflow
  • MS Messenger Service BO (TCP)
  • MS Messenger Service BO (UDP)
  • MS NETBIOS Locator Service BO
  • MS RPC DoS (RPC WinNuke)
  • MS RPC Network DDE BO
  • MS RPCSS Attack (1)
  • MS RPCSS Attack (3)
  • MS RPCSS Attack (UDP)
  • MS Shell File Download Ext. Misrep.
  • MS WINS Replication Protocol Remote BO
  • MS Workstation Service BO TCP
  • MS Workstation Service BO UDP
  • MSSQL LongRequest Hello BO
  • MSSQL PacketResolution DoS
  • MSSQL StackOverflow
  • RPC DCOM GetClassObject DoS
  • Veritas Backup Exec Hostname BO
  • W32 Beagle B Worm Backdoor
  • Whisker/Libwhisker Scan (2)
  • Windows Sharepoint Svc Spoofing
  • WU-FTPd Site Exec BO

Security Update 2 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • AOL Instant Messenger AwayMsg BO
  • HTTP Macromedia JRun Dotcfm File Disc.
  • HTTP MS JET DB Buffer Overflow
  • Microsoft Word HyperlinkExt BO
  • MS Rating File Buffer Overflow
  • MS SSL Library DoS
  • RealNetwork Helix Transport BO
  • RealPlayer Helix LongMeth URI BO

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