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June 13, 2006
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series / 4.0 Security Update 47


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide: [ 7100 Series | 4.0 ]

Security Update 47 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • P2P Manolito Client Usage
  • P2P Mute Usage
  • RealVNC NULL Auth Bypass Attempt
  • Trojan Barok Infostealing Activity
  • Veritas BackupExec Anon Registry Access
  • GTP CommWarrior (D,E,F,G,H) MMSE Prop.
  • GTP V0(U) SymbOS.CommDropper (B) File
  • GTP V1(U) SymbOS.CommDropper (B) File
  • Malformed TLS (Server Hello) Packet
  • 007SPY Install Request
  • 2020Search Configuration Request
  • 2020Search Installation File Request
  • 7FASST Search Activity
  • 7FASST User Tracking Activity
  • Adbars Install Request
  • Adbars Search Activity
  • Adblock Install Download
  • Adblock Redirect Activity
  • Adblock Update Activity
  • Adroar Install Request
  • Adroar Update Activity
  • Adultlinks Install Request
  • Alexa User Info Tracking
  • Alexa Installation Request
  • HTTP CSS Domain/Zone Info Disclosure
  • HTTP EMF GDI Remote Code Exec
  • HTTP MSIE Multiple Style Tags Code Exec
  • HTTP MovieMaker ComObj CodeExec (CLSID)
  • HTTP MovieMaker ComObj CodeExec (PROGID)
  • Offeragent Ad Pop-up Activity
  • Offeragent Install Request.
  • PhpNuke Search Module SQL Injection
  • SearchPounder Information Request
  • Simple PHP Blog Arbitrary Upload
  • Simple PHP Blog Information Disclosure
  • Tafbar Install File Request
  • HTTP w3-msql Remote BO
  • HTTP Webhints Remote Code Exec
  • ZSearch Installation File Request
  • ICMP MS Src Route Promiscous BO
  • MSRPC RRAS Buffer Overflow

Security Update 47 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • AOL IM Game Request BO
  • BD AckCmd
  • RealPlayer Helix LongMeth URI BO
  • RPC Portmapper GETPORT Call (UDP)
  • MS Exchange Calendar Heap Overflow
  • SSH CRC-32 Boundary BO
  • MS SSL Library DoS
  • Symantec AV Stack Overflow
  • Computer Associates License GetConfig BO
  • HTTP MS IE COM Object Misuse
  • HTTP Hylafax Faxsurvey Remote PW Access
  • HTTP MS IIS Showcode ASP Request
  • HTTP IIS SHTML Request
  • HTTP MDAC Component Query BO
  • HTTP Nessus Security Scanner Sweep
  • HTTP SCO Skunkware ViewSrc Traversal
  • HTTP WEBGais Remote Command Exec
  • HTTP IIS ISAPI Extension (Code Red)
  • IMAP Mailbox Name Length BO
  • HTTP MSN Messenger Login
  • HTTP MS JET Remote Code Execution
  • MS RPCSS Attack (2)
  • MSRPC Small Fragment Activity
  • HTTP MS Windows MSHTA Shell Execution

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