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16 June 2006
Symantec Enterprise Security Manager™ Modules for Oracle Release 2.5.1

This Maintenance release of Oracle modules is used to assess policy compliance for accounts, auditing, configuration, password strength settings, table privileges, patches, network settings, profiles, and roles.

Maintenance releases include the following:

  • Fixes of Known Issues (see Known Issues in the Oracle Release 2.5.1)
  • No new features
  • No new enhancements
Use LiveUpdate to upgrade ESM 6.5 agents with existing Oracle modules.

The updated User's Guide and Release Notes document all Oracle module enhancements and new features.

Download Symantec ESM Modules for Oracle Databases User's Guide (PDF)
Download Symantec ESM Modules for Oracle Release 2.5.1 Release Notes (PDF)

Supported packages

  • AIX-PPC64
  • AIX-RS6K
  • Solaris-Sparc
  • HPUX

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