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June 21, 2006
Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 Vulnerability Updates


Download the cumulative Symantec Vulnerability Assessment Release Notes (PDF)


This update for Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 detects and reports 25 additional vulnerabilities.

Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Vulnerability Assessment 1.0 to download this vulnerability update.

Additional vulnerabilities

Bugtraq ID	Vulnerability name
18098	HP-UX Software Distributor Unspecified Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
18303	Microsoft DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Light ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18381	Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access Script Injection Vulnerability
18328	Microsoft Internet Explorer COM Object Instantiation Code Execution Vulnerability Variant
18277	Microsoft Internet Explorer Frameset Denial of Service Vulnerability
18309	Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Decoding Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18112	Microsoft Internet Explorer Malformed HTML Parsing Denial of Service Vulnerability
18198	Microsoft Internet Explorer MHTML URI Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
18320	Microsoft Internet Explorer Multipart HTML File Handling Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18321	Microsoft Internet Explorer Persistent Modal Dialog Window Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability
18359	Microsoft JScript Memory Corruption Vulnerability
18382	Microsoft PowerPoint Malformed Record Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18357	Microsoft SMB Driver Local Denial Of Service Vulnerability
18394	Microsoft Windows Malformed ART Image Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18385	Microsoft Windows Media Player Malformed PNG Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18358	Microsoft Windows Routing and Remote Access RASMAN Registry Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18325	Microsoft Windows Routing and Remote Access Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
18389	Microsoft Windows RPC Mutual Authentication Service Spoofing Vulnerability
18356	Microsoft Windows SMB Driver Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
18374	Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Protocol Driver Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
18228	Mozilla Firefox SeaMonkey and Thunderbird Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities
18165	Multiple Browser Marquee Denial of Service Vulnerability
18083	Multiple Browsers Exception Handling Information Disclosure Vulnerability
16770	Multiple Mozilla Products IFRAME JavaScript Execution Vulnerability
18308	Multiple Vendor Web Browser JavaScript Key Filtering Vulnerability

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