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July 12, 2006
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series / 4.0 Security Update 49


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide: [ 7100 Series | 4.0 ]

Security Update 49 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • ASP.NET Application Folder Info. Disc.
  • Microsoft DHCP Service Options BO
  • MS Excel XLW 4.0 Workbook Code Execution
  • SMB Srv.sys Driver Remote Code Execution

Security Update 49 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • IMAP LIST Command Buffer Overflow
  • MS RPC MSMQueryProp BO (1)
  • MS RPC DoS (RPC WinNuke)
  • NetBIOS MS Messenger Serv. BO (TCP)
  • MS Netware NWWKS BO
  • MSRPC PnP GetDeviceList DoS
  • MS PnP QueryResConflist BO
  • MS Printer Spooler Heap BO
  • MS RPC License Logging CodeExec
  • MS RPC Network DDE BO
  • MS RPC LSASS DS Oversized Request (TCP)
  • Outlook Express NNTP LIST Newsgroup BO
  • MS DCE RPC Malformed Data DoS
  • MS RPC Workstation Service BO (TCP)
  • MSRPC WebClient DAVRCreateConnection BO
  • FTP Generic Command Overflow
  • HTTP Cacti Graph Image Remote Exec
  • HTTP Cisco DSL Router DoS
  • HTTP WFChat Info Disclosure

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