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October 31, 2006
Symantec Client Security 2.0.4 - 3.x Security Update 37


Use the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Client Security to download the security update.

Security Update 37 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Surfsidkick Info Upload
  • HTTP Surfsidkick Popup Activity
  • HTTP WinBo Activity
  • HTTP SurfSideKick Installation Activity
  • HTTP DialPlatform Activity
  • HTTP Eziin Activity
  • HTTP Ezula Activity
  • HTTP FastFind Activity
  • HTTP PowerSearch Download Activity

Security Update 37 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP SmartDove Download Request
  • HTTP SystemProcess Activity
  • HTTP CGI Test Request
  • HTTP Umaxsearch Activity
  • HTTP Webprefix Activity
  • HTTP WKS Lotus 1-2-3 Remote Code Exec
  • HTTP IGetNet Activity
  • HTTP MS Excel XLW 4.0 Workbook CodeExec
  • NetBIOS MS PnP QueryResConflist BO
  • HTTP QuickSearch Activity
  • MSRPC SrvSvc NetApi Buffer Overflow (1)
  • HTTP ShopNav Uploading Reg Info
  • SMB Server Transaction Name BO
  • HTTP Whisker/Libwhisker Scan (2)
  • HTTP BD BugBear
  • HTTP Embed Tag NPDSPlay DLL BO
  • HTTP FormMail Cmd Exec
  • HTTP AltaVista DirTraversal
  • HTTP Apropos Installation Activity
  • HTTP MS BizTalk DTA RemoteExec
  • HTTP Cart32 Remote Admin PW
  • HTTP Request Direct Perl Probe
  • HTTP Delfin Activity
  • HTTP Director Download Activity
  • HTTP DollarRevenue Download Activity
  • HTTP EasyWWW Install File Request
  • HTTP Excel Multiple Remote Code Exec.
  • HTTP Excel Multiple Remote Code Exec (2)
  • HTTP Hylafax Faxsurvey Remote PW Access
  • HTTP FIZZLE Config Request
  • HTTP IEHlpr CCNNLC Update Activity
  • HTTP IEHlpr Register Activity
  • HTTP IEHlpr SmartAllyes Update Activity
  • HTTP MS Media ActiveX Ctrl File Enum
  • HTTP MessStopper Activity
  • HTTP MovieMaker ComObj CodeExec (PROGID)
  • HTTP Novell CGI Convert Request
  • HTTP PHPBB URL Decode SQL Injection

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Last modified on: Tuesday, 31-Oct-06 13:56:22