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January 8, 2007
Symantec Network Security 7100 Series / 4.0 Security Update 64


Run the LiveUpdate feature of Symantec Network Security to install the latest Engine Updates and Security Updates.

For information on LiveUpdate, see the Administration Guide: [ 7100 Series | 4.0 ]

Security Update 64 adds coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • DConnect Daemon Listen Thread UDP Remote BO Vuln
  • eIQnetworks Enterprise Security BO
  • FTP XM Easy FTP Server PW BO
  • FTP PlatinumFTPserver DoS
  • HTTP 2Search Activity
  • HTTP 3Com Network Supervisor Dir Trav
  • HTTP ABXToolbar Activity
  • HTTP Adblaster Activity
  • HTTP Adgoblin Activity
  • HTTP Adlogix Activity
  • HTTP Adobe AcroPDF BO
  • HTTP A.I-Pifou Choix_langue.PHP Dir Trav
  • HTTP PHP MySQL Banner Exchange File Include
  • HTTP PHP MySQL Banner Exchange SQL Inj.
  • HTTP CakePHP Dir Trav
  • HTTP CasinoClient Install Request
  • HTTP Saxopress URL Param Dir Trav.
  • HTTP ClearX Activity
  • HTTP ClickAlchemy Activity
  • HTTP Cloisterblog Journalpl Dir Trav
  • HTTP Cruiseworks Cws.exe Doc BO
  • HTTP Cruiseworks Cws Doc Dir. Trav
  • HTTP CWSAlfaSearch Update Activity
  • HTTP Daosearch Activity
  • HTTP DialPlatform Activity
  • HTTP DownloadPlus Activity
  • HTTP e107 RequestPHP Directory Trav
  • HTTP EasyGuppy Printfaq.PHP Dir Trav
  • HTTP Novell eDirectory Long URI BO
  • HTTP EnhanceMSearch Activity
  • HTTP Eziin Activity
  • HTTP EZSearch Activity
  • HTTP Farsinews Dir Traversal
  • HTTP FastFind Activity
  • HTTP FindemNow Activity
  • HTTP FlashEnhancer Activity
  • HTTP Gallery Main.PHP Dir Trav
  • HTTP GreenIo Activity
  • HP Web Jetadmin setinfohts Script Dir. Trav
  • HTTP ICcontrol Activity
  • HTTP InstantAccess Activity
  • HTTP LedgerSMB Dir Trav
  • HTTP Look2me Activity
  • HTTP LoveFreeGames Activity
  • HTTP Margoc Activity
  • HTTP Netref 4 Cat 4 Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP NX5Linkx SQL Injection
  • HTTP phpPhotoAlbum Dir Trav
  • HTTP PerlCal Dir Trav
  • HTTP PHP Website Index Dir Traversal
  • HTTP PigSearch Activity
  • HTTP Portix-PHP View.PHP Dir Trav
  • HTTP PowerSearch Download Activity
  • HTTP PunkBuster Webkey Param BO
  • HTTP QuickBrowser Activity
  • HTTP QuickBrowser Install
  • HTTP Remote File Include (Mantis)
  • HTTP Nucleus Common.PHP File Include
  • HTTP Shorty Activity
  • HTTP Surfsidkick Info Upload
  • HTTP Surfsidkick Popup Activity
  • HTTP SurgeLDAP User.CGI Dir. Trav
  • Topantispyware Activity
  • HTTP TrustInPopups Activity
  • HTTP YaPiG Upload.PHP Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP ViRobot Linux Server Remote BO
  • HTTP VMWare ActiveX Control BO
  • HTTP Webbar Register Update Activity
  • HTTP WebDir Activity
  • HTTP Webext Install Activity
  • HTTP WinAd Activity
  • HTTP WinBo Activity
  • HTTP WP-DB Backup Wordpress Dir Trav.
  • HTTP Xaraya Dir. Traversal
  • HTTP McAfee EPolicy Large Source BO
  • Novell EDirectory IMonitor HTTPSK BO
  • W32 Looked CreateFile Request
  • RPC W32.Looked JobAddRequest
  • SIPfoundry sipXtapi Library BO
  • SMB W32.Looked File Transfer
  • SNMP V2 GetBulk Request Code Execution

Security Update 64 provides updated coverage for the following vulnerabilities and threats:

  • HTTP Excel Multiple Remote Code Exec (2)
  • BlazeFind SetupFile Request
  • HTTP BookedSpace Activity
  • BookedSpace Downloading Files
  • Computer Associates License GetConfig BO
  • MS DNS Client TXT Large Record Code Exec
  • HTTP MS Windows MSHTA Shell Execution

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